Authors Whose Pages I Keep Checking:

I’ve Been Cool With the Lines, by misspamela
White Collar, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, Peter gets captured, Neal rescues him
On a cold, dark, midwinter Thursday morning, Peter didn’t show up for work.

War Games, by seperis
STR, Kirk/Spock, sequel to You’ll Get There in the End, Kirk and Spock face off with the Orions, Romulans, and Starfleet
She gives the eyebrow equivalent of a sigh. “I am T’Prina,” she says, “a former Starfleet engineer who assists you on your ‘pirate ship’.”

Keeping Faith, by zoemathemata
SPN, Dean/Cas, post-apocalypse, Dean and Cas adopt a girl named Faith and turn domestic
She was a tiny thing, maybe five years old. She didn’t speak. She was hiding underneath the front porch of what used to be her home.

Learning to Walk, by ldyanne
SGA, John/Rodney, John replays events from an AU high school as part of an alien trust ritual
Rodney McKay was the kid who always sat in the corner of the cafeteria by himself to eat his lunch.

Falling All Over You, by Jeyhawk
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, AU, PWP with mystery plot!, ongoing AU with public!sex
Kris hates the rush hour train with a passion – it’s cramped, loud, smelly and stupid. Yet he finds himself on it every other day because, well, TDS (Tall Dark Stranger) takes that train, and looking at him while pretending to not look at him puts a silver lining to Kris’s otherwise boring and tedious days.

He Gave You Style, He Gave You Grace, by clockstopper
SPN, Dean/Cas, post-winning the apocalypse, God shows up to say Dude a lot
“Dude, wow, chill, okay. You’re completely harshing my mellow right now,” the guy— possibly God— says.

Strange Creatures, by Amy
HP, Harry/Severus, Severus trades Remus potions for ingredients and falls into a friendship with Remus, Neville, and Harry
Though reluctant to trust in good fortune, Severus was nonetheless determined to wring every bit of it out of the situation before it left him again.

The Welcome Hearth, by Jax (Beth) (magh_tuireadh)
SPN, post-apocalypse happy ending, Dean and Cas talk about what to do once the world is saved
He’s almost got the door closed when one of the guys from the convention, Barnes, he thinks, yells “Pick up more milk!”

Guest Star, by astolat
AI RPF, AU, Kris/Adam/Katy (various), movie!star!Katy costars with AI!winner!Adam
“Wow,” Adam said, after a moment, still without letting go. “Well, this could be awkward.”

Far Far Away, by astolat
AI RPF/SGA, Adam/John, John/Rodney, Adam is recruited to sing in Pegasus to open negotiations with an alien race
Sam threw Rodney out of her office after he pointed out that Lambert had just tweeted *see ya in two wks 🙂 going to sing in another galxay!!!* to more than two hundred thousand people, which you would have thought would have been cause for concern to a responsible administrator of the Stargate program, but apparently not.

Castaway, by astolat
AI RPS, Cook/Archuleta, part 3 of the plane crash series, stranded on a desert island during their honeymoon
“So the first thing I want to establish is, we’re fine,” David said.

Backdrifts, by lisztful
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin and Arthur both have secrets, they’re both angsting over the other finding out
It’s always hard for Merlin, watching Arthur sweat and bathe and undress and generally be perfect, even when he’s being awful.

Set Yourself on Fire, by burntotears
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, former schoolmates Arthur and Merlin run into each other years later
“You were the greatest twat I’d ever met. Y’know, I never did get my Queen shirt back off that flagpole.”

Animal Rescue, by rotrude
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur and Merlin’s private time keeps getting interrupted by fluffy animals
In short, somehow, mother nature hates him.

Cryptic angel is cryptic, by olympia_m
SPN, Dean and Sam rescue a tiny kitten who looks just like Cas…
A moment later the kitten makes a dash for it, and when it hurries by Dean, it stops and hides behind him instead of running away.

Continental Drift, by nimeuailinen
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel sinks Greenland as a joke and Sam has to fix it
Besides, it means he’s not really mad, just morally indignant, and Gabriel can work with indignant.

short untitled fic, by lazulisong
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk fails to notice his relationship with Spock
So in Jim’s defense, he did not realize that he’s passing the needy stage with his XO and heading straight into joined at the hip honey-can-I-get-you-something not exactly married bliss because Bones didn’t say a word about it.

untitled fic, by anonymous
STR, Kirk/Spock, st_xi_kink_meme fic, widower!Spock raising his and Uhura’s daughter with help from Uncle Jim
“I’m very glad to see you today,” she informed Spock as soon as she was finished with Jim. “Uncle Jim and I have something to discuss with you.”

Five times Spock questions his commanding officer’s logic (and one time he doesn’t), by magicdoyle (celebros)
STR, Kirk/Spock, just what the title says
His other self had recommended an increased confidence in long odds. He cannot help but believe that this was the precise situation to which the elder Spock had been referring.

A Mile Away and Wearing Your Shoes, by BlackEyedGirl
White Collar, Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, bodyswap fic, a mirror switches Peter and Neal
Peter really, really hates this obsession conmen have about antiques with bad history.

Four Cups of Tea (and a waffle iron), by LithiumDoll
White Collar, Moz distracts Elizabeth while Neal helps Peter foil a robbery and pick a Valentine’s Day gift
“I hate to say it,” Hughes said from the doorway, “but he’s right. Do not buy your wife any kind of kitchen appliance.”

Even Neal Wakes Up Human, by lovefanfiction
White Collar, Peter finds out morning!Neal is cute and rumpled
“It’s five in the morning; anyone who has to be fooled at five in the morning ought to be as tired and unobservant as I am tired and-” he waves his hand in a circle, indicating that Peter really should get what he means even if the word isn’t coming to him just now.

All Of My Maps Have Been Overthrown, by pepperlandgirl4
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk is given then chance to bring someone back from the dead and he picks Amanda
“Spock, Kirk here. I want you to meet me in sickbay.”

Universal Translator Fail, by janice_lester
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk gets a new-fangled translator implant which promptly fails spectacularly
“Foreign enemies Warning: This is the last warning before shooting his dog. According to the plate and prepare the car. Cooperation can only play events.”

The Player Played, by proudcockatrice
STR, Kirk/Spock, 5 times Spock was propositioned and Kirk kept his mouth shut, and one time he didn’t
It wasn’t until the Acamarian trade delegation arrived that Captain Kirk completely lost his shit. In front of people. Loudly.

The Curious Case of Wee Baby Cas Things, by tracy_loo_who
SPN, Dean/Cas, adorable baby animals start following Dean and Sam around
The end of the end of the world starts with two baby elephants in the middle of the road.

L Is For the Way You Look at Me, by trinityofone
SPN, Dean/Cas, Cupid helps Castiel carry out an unorthodox end to the apocalypse
Meanwhile, Lucifer was busy hugging a lamppost.

Wings Always Come After A Fall, by krystalicekitsu
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Lucifer, Dean gets angel-ified and glowy and still eats pie
They had absolutely no idea how it had happened. Or when it had happened. Or why. Or… well, much of anything, really.

Slouching Up That Hill, by trinityofone
SPN, Dean/Cas, post 5.14, Sam and Castiel work to help Dean want things again
“But we’re not at the end,” he says finally, somehow bestowing upon the statement Spockian levels of calm and logic.

The Waffle Option Initiative, by angelgazing
SPN, Sam and Dean go for waffles at Lou’s Lo-fi Waffle Wonderland (PS: Lou stands for Lucifer)
The apron he was wearing had an angry kitten on it, and said: I escaped from hell and all I got was this lousy apron.

We Won’t Pass This Way Again (so kiss me with your mouth open), by thevinegarworks
SPN, Sam/Lucifer, Lucifer shows up whether Sam’s dreaming or awake, with endless patience
“Do you actually think I’ll say it any easier if you hang out in my head long enough?”

Stay Away, by tiptoe39
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Sam keeps telling Gabriel to stay away, and Gabriel keeps not doing it
The archangel Gabriel was starting to have one hell of an inconsistent track record.

Elysian Fields, by shirozoro
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, xkcd comes to life in the form of playpen balls
Castiel just looks baffled. “I was in Peru.”

A Potentially Dangerous Impression, by sally_simpson76
SPN/HSM, Sam/Ryan, Sam goes undercover at East High to find a ghost that kills people every 12 years
“This is the stupidest fucking idea you’ve ever had.”

The Care and Feeding of Your Starship Captain, by dira (dsudis)
STR, Kirk/McCoy, remember “Normal Working Relationship”? kinda like that, but with STR (bdsm!fic)
Leonard had learned a long time ago that it was almost always better to give in to that particular demand before Jim started escalating.

scaramouche’s master list of fics
Die Hard 4 (Live Free or Die Hard), Supernatural, Harry Potter

It’s a Long Way to Zanzibar, by facetofcathy
Leverage, Alec/Parker/Eliot, adorable road trip fic
“When I was ten, I ran away from home,” Hardison said and smiled fondly.

Escapology, by pogrebin
Leverage, Alec/Parker/Eliot, I didn’t understand this fic at all
Parker’d never really believed you could fix what was broken. You live with it or leave it, but Nate shows her a world where all the cracks show, but they’re so beautiful she can’t stop grazing her fingers along the lines.

Lights Off, by circadienne
Leverage, Parker/Alec, Parker shows up in Alec’s bed, he tries to figure out what’s going on
Alec has always been a sound sleeper — he had to be, growing up in a house with that many kids — so it takes him a while to wake up enough to realize that there is someone in the bed with him.

The Vacation Job, by sabrina_il
Leverage, Alec/Parker/Eliot, pretty much a PWP threesome
Mostly, Parker hated vacations.

The Juggling and Other Fic Job, by helensfic
Leverage, Alec/Parker/Eliot, see above summary
Parker has never been in a, you know, whatever, thing, with two boys before.

Not Looking for Sweet Talk, by kyuuketsukirui
Leverage, Alec/Parker/Eliot, Alec falls into bed with Parker, then Eliot, then both
It would be awkward if not for Parker.

Petty Larceny, by dotfic
Leverage, Alec and Parker get hot, bored, and hungry, Parker steals a pie
Alec felt the sweat on the back of his neck go all cold. Bored Parker never ended well. “I guess we could go eat,” he said slowly, running through the possibly ways that going to eat might be a bad idea. He couldn’t think of any.

Uncharted Territory, by cjmarlowe
Leverage, Alec/Parker, Parker wants to try something that’s not on Alec’s list
“I don’t do lists,” said Parker, yanking it back down again. “We have a list?”

Courtship, by longsufferingly
Leverage, Alec/Parker, Parker’s not sure what Alec wants
He brings her flowers. No boy has ever brought her flowers before.

The Aftermath Job, by cinaed
Leverage, the team does their thing in LA after an earthquake
Nate needed a drink. In fact, he needed several drinks.

It’s All So Clear to Me Now, by fools_game
Leverage, Alec/Eliot, Parker doesn’t get people, but she likes Alec and Eliot
Hardison bought her a little watering can. It was a joke – or at least she thought it was a joke – but she used it anyway, because she liked the sound it made, like rain.

The Chainsaw Job, by annerbhp
Leverage, Alec/Parker, zombies show up, Eliot figures his life can’t get much weirder
“Beheading,” Parker says, one hand on her hip as she blows a strand of hair out of her eyes. “Best way to kill zombies.”

The New York ComicCon Con, by epeeblade
Leverage, Hardison goes to ComicCon NY, Eliot and Parker follow him
“You’re taller than I expected.”

Spring Force, by dotfic
Leverage, Parker backstory
No one taught her how to fight.

Eggs for Ducks, by shamusandstone
Leverage, Parker, Eliot, and Hardison in a boat feeding the ducks
Eliot scoffed when Hardison suggested they take a break before Parker’s dive.

In Translation, by 22by7
SPN, Dean/Cas, Castiel likes books, Dean likes Castiel
‘Dude, is that poetry?’ Dean shielded his eyes with his hand and squinted down at the thin volume on Castiel’s lap.

The No Exit Job, by shrift
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, incorrect blueprints mean Eliot and Alec get out using the oldest trick in the book
Alec already had his phone out. “No, man. The blueprints clearly say that there’s supposed to be a door here. You lie, blueprints. You lie like the dog that you are. This isn’t up to code. What if there was a fire?”

Disarm, by shrift
District 13, Damien/Lieto, directly post-movie, Damien and Lieto go to the hospital, then home
Leïto raised an eyebrow. “You can cook?”

The Epiphany Job, by shrift
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, it’s not so much “woke up gay” as Hardison shifting his perceptions (while awake)
“Oh, please, like you haven’t run into an ex on a job,” Eliot said.

A Heart Needs a Home, by shrift
SGA, John/Rodney, Rodney and Jennifer realize home’s not the same for both of them
Rodney hadn’t been on a normal Earth date in years even before he went to the Pegasus galaxy, and it was making him a little nervous.

If You Find The Riot, by shrift
Angel, Wesley/Gunn, the team investigates a riot that turns out to be demons in pon farr
“Deets?” Angel said. He stared blankly, looking more confused than the one time Cordelia had attempted to show Angel how to check his mobile’s voicemail.

Maybe, This Time, by shrift
District 13, Damien/Leito, post-movie, Leito comes to find Damien on his next assignment
Damien was watching Fernando check the quality of the latest heroin shipment when a man crashed through the skylight, landed on all fours like a cat, stole a brick of pure from under Fernando’s nose, and then took off running.

In Progress, by rageprufrock
Glee, high school and teenagers, the drama never ends
Mr. Schuster says it’s a sign that they actually all care about each other, but Kurt has an operating theory that they’ve all just become addicted to the screaming; it’s very liberating.

Five Things The Leverage Crew Knows, by mardahin
Leverage, see title, a 14 Valentines fic
Parker knows how to read people, and how to manipulate them, at least in theory.

You Always Were a Happy Drunk, by auntie_climactic
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas, ep 5.11 Sam escapes the institution while high, Gabriel finds him
Gabriel raised an eyebrow, “Anything else you’d like to share? Please say yes.”