Forging Contacts, by jebbypal
White Collar/Burn Notice, pre-series for both shows, Michael needs a forger to help him get out of France
“Here’s a freebie: if you’re a heavy sleeper, you should never keep this much evidence in your room.”

Light as a Feather, by miya_tenaka
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel gives Sam a feather in a binding ritual
The next morning, Sam was woken up by Dean shouting through the door that he’d be back in ten minutes and they’d bother better be dressed when he got back.

Duck, by schmevil
SPN, Dean/Cas, hilarious crack!fic, Cas finds God in a park
“I’m not entirely sure this is happening to us,” Sam mutters. “Why a duck?”

This Could Be the Beginning of… Something, by Lady_Ganesh
SPN, Chuck gets Gabriel as his new archangel, Gabriel has some ideas
On Tuesday his archangel quit. Chuck couldn’t figure out how that worked, but there it was.

AIs Prefer Brunettes, by Ninjababe
Burn Notice, Iron Man xover, short, Michael’s guarding Tony Stark, Fiona keeps sneaking in
The lights suddenly flipped on. “How the hell do you keep getting in here?!”

I’m Telling You Why, by teand
SPN, Christmas fic, Sam meets Santa in a diner on Christmas Eve
(Author’s Note: “If anthropomorphic evil exists, and Sam and Dean have definitive reasons to believe it does, then why not anthropomorphic good?”)
“Don’t let the shit hide the shine, Sam.”

Light-Fingered, by shrift
White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Neal keeps stealing Peter’s wallet
Neal looked at him fondly. “Your password strength is medium at best.”

Are there sheep?, by longsufferingly
Psych, Shawn/Gus/Juliet, Shawn and Gus had an agreement about facing near-certain death
“Look, Gus, would you rather spend what is, potentially, our last hour alive arguing, or having sex?”

Not With That Hand You Won’t, by bentrumors
SPN, Dean/Cas, Zachariah hurts Castiel, Chuck’s ‘shipper instincts come to the rescue
“Dean won’t help you if you kill Castiel. You know that, right? He’ll let the world burn forever.”

Figure Out This Thing, by ranalore
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, Terminal City starts clearing out, whether Max is ready to move on or not
She wants to say more, about family and home, but she’s still not sure Alec really understands what she means by either of those things.

All The Wonder That Would Be, by obsessivemuch
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, Terminal City becomes a home and they start taking in orphans
“Another one?” A flash of recognition in her eyes, she strode forward to peer at the infant in his arms.

I don’t think about a bright moon, by minim_calibre
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, Max and Alec understand each other better than they think, stress relief via sex
She walks over to where he and Mole have been going over the supply lists and grabs hold of Alec’s sleeve, yanking him towards the door. “We need to talk. Alone. Now.”

Snips n Dips, by villainxatxhert
SPN, Dean/Cas, Dean gives Castiel a haircut
The angel reaches up absently with his right hand and tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear.

At The Still Point, by sam_storyteller, shane_mayhem and 51stcenturyfox
TW/DW, Ten/Jack, the Doctor finds Jack right before he regenerates to give him a gift
It was not in the Doctor’s nature to seek shelter. It was in his nature to give it.

Malfoy’s Menagerie, by Alaana Fair
HP, Harry/Draco, Draco returns to Wizarding England and opens up an exotic animals shop
That was the rumour that had made Harry realise he might have, possibly, maybe, been interested in more than civility from Draco Malfoy.

Midnight on the Janus Thickey Ward, by quill_lumos
HP, Harry/Draco, Draco’s working at St. Mungo’s as his parole, Harry’s brought in because he hears voices
“His friends brought him in earlier.”

Desperately Seeking Someone – Life Goes On, by Alaana Fair
HP, Harry/Draco, follow-up story, Harry and Draco fight, then get back together with a grand gesture
Harry stared at the note in front of him and couldn’t believe the relief that had come with reading it.

Small Blessings, by oldenuf2nobetter
HP, Harry/Draco, Harry opens up an orphanage after the war and adopts a child who turns out to be Draco’s son
He continued down the hallway and arrived at the kitchen doorway to one of his favorite scenes; the kids, in all of their messy, imperfect, syrup-stained, bed-headed, bleary-eyed morning glory.

Pretty Good, by tiptoe39
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, drunk!Sam tries to convince Gabriel to help stop the apocalypse
“Say, don’t I know you?”

The Promotion, by nixa_jane
SGA, Eureka xover, Rodney gets “promoted” to Eureka and meets John the genius helicopter pilot on the way
“You know, for this town, he’s almost normal,” Jack said. “It was kind of refreshing.”

Polishing Buttons, by skellerbvt
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, hilarious stalker!Arthur attempts to woo clueless!Merlin
The thing was, he was pretty sure Arthur was lying, or at least maybe fibbing a bit, about the duties of a manservant.

Under We Go, So Slow, by blueskypenguin
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas, it’s the blood-drinking thing again, but funny!
“One time, a few cleansing incantations and that’s it?”

more help_haiti fics by raphaela667: part of the ‘sweet precision and soft collision’ universe, in which Nyota meets Spock, then meets Jim ‘n Spock
(“This,” Spock says, “is Cadet Uhura, she is one of my most gifted students. Previously, she may have had some respect for me as an educator. Cadet, this is James Kirk. He is uncivilized.” )
part of the mariaverse, in which Maria gets siblings
(Boarding school looks like an awesome choice, sometimes.)

The Most Private Hotel in England, by cruisedirector and dementordelta
HP, Harry/Severus, various others, Harry and Severus’ honeymoon is interrupted a lot, and there’s squids
“Just exactly how did you hear about this place?” asked Severus.

Until Proven, by tiranog
HP, Harry/Severus, long, missing warnings for graphic torture and rape, including rape of a minor
He sat at the same table with the man for three meals a day, and he still didn’t know anything more about Snape than he had when he’d been here at school.

Skyward, by fishwrites
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin has angel wings, (link goes to tag page on lj), WIP
Later, much later, Arthur would wonder why he was so angry with deception when he was so eager to overlook the truth.

Veteran, by liadan14
SPN, Dean/Cas, Cas gets a leave of absence from Heaven, he and Dean start their own Roadhouse while Sam finds himself
“So, how come we’re still alive?” Dean asks. Might as well cut to the chase.

He Moves In Mysterious Ways, by seperis
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Adam wakes Kris up to take him to the beach in the rain
“I get needing space. But there’s space, then there’s your own private Mojave Desert. That’s a lot of empty personal landscape.”

Second Childhood, by jenniferlupin
SPN, Dean/Cas, post-apocalypse, Sam gets turned into a kid by witches, Cas helps Dean take care of him
Dean ignored the way Sam laid a pillow across his own face, presumably to block out the sounds of Dean being a total girl, and instead focused on the way Castiel’s eyes gentled.

Everywhere We Touch, by cherrybina
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur returns to Camelot after 2 months away, PWP-ish
It’s early in the afternoon on an otherwise unremarkable day when Merlin feels it.

The Request, by jenniferlupin (jlupinfic)
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Jess, AU, Sam prays for Dean to find a soulmate, God sends Castiel, WIP
REQUEST: It’s probably stupid, but I was wondering if you could maybe find someone for my brother. He’s just…he’s really lonely. He needs someone. I just want him to be happy.

It’s just a reflex, by ksock
SPN, Dean/Cas, Dean develops an allergy and Sam and Castiel try to figure it out
The second time they’re in the middle of a brutal fight, five demons against the three of them and Sam is forced to redefine his idea of ‘worst timing ever.’

Looking Through Windows, by mia363
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, Castiel shows Gabriel how to hope, Gabriel returns the favor
The archangel sighed and was toying with a yo-yo, leaning against the Impala.

Off the Map, by debbiel66
SPN, Sam and Dean visit a town that knows they’re coming, thanks to Chuck’s blog
The first thing Sam notices is the banner. The thing has got to be 40 feet long, and it stretches across the main street of a town that isn’t even supposed to be there. In big block letters, it proclaims: PHILISTINE WELCOMES SAM AND DEAN!!!

untitled fics, by raphaela667
STR, Kirk/Spock, two short fics for help_haiti (Kirk asking Spock to move in, AU where Kirk goes to Vulcan as a kid)
So the thing is, or at least, one of the things is that they already live together.

a month of, by toomuchplor
SGA, John/Rodney, quiet happy domestic fic, a “Sunday” on Atlantis
Today, the doorbell sounds, and Rodney gets up to answer it, taking his tablet with him and not really thinking about much beyond the appalling lack of productivity in the biological sciences this quarter.

Only Take What You Can Carry, by seperis
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Adam and Kris take an unplanned road trip in the middle of a media firestorm
Existential crises shouldn’t happen on obscure farm roads, but he’s never had an actual one, so what the hell does he know?

Taking Liberties, by astolat
White Collar, Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, Neal finds Kate, Peter was looking for Neal all along
Neal found Kate on the eighteenth of March, in a hotel on the Upper West Side exactly fifty yards beyond the edge of his two-mile radius.

Never Knew What Hit Him, by pfyre
White Collar, Neal gets a migraine and Peter and June take care of him
“You’ve got ten,” Peter rejoined, “and then I’m dragging you downstairs, fully dressed or not.”

‘Now What’ Will Just Have to Wait, by scatterglory
White Collar, Peter/Neal, fandom cliche, Peter doesn’t like Neal’s methods
Peter looks away. “Trust has nothing to do with it.”

Cellmate, by lcacbc
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, Arthur and Merlin wind up as cellmates in prison
“So, I don’t know you?” the stranger responded, ignoring the offered hand completely and continuing to eye him dubiously.

morganoconner’s fic (SPN, and I read the WIP Transformer’s fic too)

Dies Irae, or Something, by alchemyalice
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, Michael’s been with Dean all along, they set up a time-share, WIP
But, in the beginning, as it were: The apocalypse isn’t really going well.

Higher Than Hell and Still Out of My Depth, by maz_kazama
SPN, Dean/Cas, Castiel takes care of Dean when he’s sick
Castiel knew, before he even opened his eyes to his new surroundings, that something was wrong.

Eskimo Kisses, by mia636
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel shows up for the end of days and makes pancakes
Gabriel, apparently, was somewhat of an expert on making pancakes.

He *Is* The Trickster, by Lara
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel tells Lucifer he wants to help with the apocalypse
Frowning, Lucifer reached out and grabbed his brother’s shoulder, spinning him back around. “Why are you helping me?”

Ask and You Shall Receive, by denazia
SPN, Gabriel/Sam, Sam asks Gabriel for help, Gabriel says yes
“I’ll give it thirty more minutes then forget about this crazy ass plan,” Sam muttered.
Missing scenes and sequel linked here.

Let it Purify and Sanctify, by denazia
SPN, Gabriel/Sam, Gabriel offers to help Sam get rid of his demon blood
“As for how I found you, well, let’s just say you shouldn’t let Castiel hang around with you so much.”

One AM, by seperis
AI RPF, Adam/Kris, homage to “Bang,” Adam and Kris wind up in the ER
It’s not that at this point in his life Adam’s particularly ashamed of his sex life or anything in relation to it; it’s more that occasionally, Kris will accidentally answer and that’s a set of headlines to make coffee superfluous come morning.

Idol RPF flashfics for charity, by astolat
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Adam/Tommy, six short fics, incl. Sherlock Holmes steampunk xover!
And then it was my turn to startle, as I understood from what Holmes was saying who our visitor must be—Kristopher Allen. The king’s favorite.

On the Shores of the Great Lake, by elizah_jane
SPN, Dean/Cas, 1000 years in the future, reincarnated Dean and Sam run into Castiel
Lucifer has tried to rise three separate times, but no vessel has been strong enough to contain him and the End of Times battle that should have been decided long ago never comes.

When You’re a Stranger, by glorious_spoon
SPN, Barnes/Damien, Dean/Cas, the guys Dean and Sam met at the convention get into trouble with a witch
It doesn’t take them long to get in over their heads, which is something Damien thinks, in retrospect, that he should have seen coming.

A Gift, Though Small, by thevinegarworks
SPN, Dean/Cas, Dean finds out Cas likes books, post-apocalypse
The first one was five years ago – a fabric-bound book of Sumerian history and mythology.

Collateral Damage, by whreflections
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Michael, WIP, Dean agrees to be Michael’s vessel temporarily
“Living down here changes everyone, doesn’t it?”

Death Has Had Too Many Near James T. Kirk Experiences and One Time It Wasn’t Near at All, by jade_dragoness
STR, 5 things fic, discworld!Death visits — 5 times for Kirk, one for Spock instead (not a deathfic)
It made Death out pull out the sand timer to squint at it.

The Cold of Flesh and Stone, by entangled_now
SPN, Dean/Cas, xmas fic, they fight a troll and have a Christmas tree
A Christmas tree that’s also an exercise in protection and small arms fire. That feels very family-appropriate, and hell if they’re starting traditions they might as well do it right.

The Justice League Of Cardiff Is A Stupid Name, by sam_storyteller
TW, xover, Superman goes crazy & winds up in Cardiff, Batman comes looking & finds Torchwood
“Yeah, but we’re not proper superheroes, I mean we don’t have cost…umes…” Gwen trailed off, watching Jack hurry past to his office, greatcoat sweeping along as always. Ianto straightened his tie. “You know what I mean, Ianto.”

you used to be able to fall off the edge of the world, here, by raphaela667
STR AU, Kirk/Spock, WIP, Kirk and Spock save the whales (aka work on a marine research vessel)
So, the kid’s here because Chris faintly liked his mom and he’s run out of options, and he looks very, very good on paper. Which, when it comes to hiring for the Enterprise, normally means worse than nothing.

Figure It Out, by lightgetsin
WC, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, the three of them gradually work themselves into a relationship
“That, or you just haven’t been paying any attention for the past six months.”

Swan, by Ursula
WC, Peter/Neal, Peter and Neal go to a prison and get caught in a riot (violence warning)
“I am not sulking,” Neal said. “I just have a bad feeling about this.”

Driven, by betweenthebliss
WC, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, WIP, a series of moments along the way to a relationship
He knows Caffrey better than probably anyone in the office, Cruz included, and it’s pretty pathetic to admit that all his experience only amounts to a decent record of prediction.

comme ci comme ca, by Ursula
WC, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Kate comes back for Neal and he’s moved on
She came into the world crying with rage and that was how she would exit.

Five Times Neal Caffrey Ended Up in Peter and Elizabeth’s Bed, by Ursula
WC, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, mattress flipping, mumps, gunshot wound, etc, Quantico
“Don’t gloat, Peter,” Neal said, “It’s not a good look on you.”

Pop Goes My Christmas Song, by raisintorte
Music & Lyrics, pre-movie, Colin freaks out about not having a Christmas song
Colin flailed his arms as if he was trying to make some sort of point but he was too worked up to even flail correctly.

The Boys in the Band, by willowbough
Music & Lyrics, post-movie, POP gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
“Did you keep in touch with any of them, afterwards?”

The Longest Night, by willowbough
Music & Lyrics, pre-movie, Alex and Colin get stuck by the side of a road in winter, then write a song
Hardly the way one wished to spend the winter solstice–stranded on the road after a provincial gig, in a broken-down van filled with instruments and little else.

The Best Medicine, by willowbough
Music & Lyrics, Alex helps Sophie get through the opening weekend of the Sally Michaels movie
“Reviews.” Radiating self-satisfaction, he set the stack on the coffee table and sat down on the armchair opposite her. “For a certain picture opening today.”

…The Thing (With the Guy in the Place), by impertinence
WC, Peter/Neal, pre-show, Neal runs into Peter in Boston
Caffrey had slipped through their fingers not once, not twice, but three times, and the agency was at their wits’ end.

Something Good, by Dragonfly
WC, Neal ends up in Riker’s during Peter’s week of vacation
The Assistant Director didn’t want any of us supervising him.”

Working Lunch, by Dragonfly
WC, Neal takes someone’s sandwich from the break room, Lauren makes everyone feel guilty
In large, eclectic lettering, it read, “Would the owner of the abandoned Mediterranean Deli Sub on the left side of the bottom shelf be willing to contribute it to the feed-a-felon program? I will pay in much good karma. Love, Neal.”

The Passing Lane, by facetofcathy
WC, short, Peter and Neal drive to the beach in a car that doesn’t belong to them
“How can you forge a car?”

87 BC, by toft
SGA AU, snippet, Rodney as priest-like person, John as slave, short
“Oh, for Jupiter’s sake,” Marcus Rodneius Macceus, the fifth Flamen Dialis and high priest of the Collegium Pontificum, snaps. “Now we have to do the whole thing again.”

Service, by toft
Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson, Watson wears his old uniform, Holmes likes it a lot
“Really Holmes, if this uniform makes me look foolish -“

Normal Working Relationship, by toft
Mythbusters, Jamie/Adam, their relationship is anything but normal, but it works (bdsm fic)
“Uh,” says Adam. “Hey look, man, are we talking about this? Like, I’m not sure this is part of a normal working relationship.”

Straight Man, by toft
Mythbusters, Jamie comes out to Adam in a business meeting, Adam’s reaction is not awesome
They’re in a meeting with their Discovery overlords. Adam’s trying not to fidget too badly, and Jamie’s Googling model airplane retailers in the San Francisco area.

Butter Side Up, by toft
Mythbusters, Jamie/Adam (sort of), Jamie’s toast and Adam’s jam (no, really)
Adam worked with a lot of different bread products in his time, even some gluten-free crackers.

… and I’ve been reading all of entangled_now’s SPN fics (how are they being written so quickly?)

Back Out, by toft
Mythbusters, Adam throws his back out lifting a box, Jamie helps
“You know, those health and safety posters are there for a reason,” Jamie says. “They’re so you don’t hurt yourself when you lift stuff.”

Robots Need Love Too, by toft
Mythbusters, AU, Jamie and Adam as kids on a space station
“I like pink,” Adam says. Jamie doesn’t like pink, but he doesn’t say so. Adam looks at him. “I like you,” he announces. “You’re restful.”

Homo Ex Machina, by toft
Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson, Watson writes fanfic and gets blackmailed, Holmes has a side business
What on earth could I say? Holmes, I accidentally published a pornographic novella in which you and I perform a number of illegal acts, and now I am being blackmailed into making it a serial?

Tricked Into Love, by toft
SGA, if SGA was secretly a dating reality show, with John as the unknowing contestant
“John thinks he’s here to initate a trading partnership with the people of Athos. What he doesn’t know is that he’s about to meet twice-winner of Us Weekly’s People Award, Teyla Emmagan.”

Where the Pavement Ends, by zarah5
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, Merlin works as a stripper to pay for university, Uther owns the club
When Merlin finished his A-levels, financing university by taking his clothes off didn’t exactly occur to him.
Note: It took me a while to remember Ctrl- to get all the text to fit on the page.

…and then I read all the rest of ameonna1’s SPN fic (SPN is such a prolific fandom! I can hardly keep up with all the linking!)

Blessed Is His Child, by ameonna1 and kijikun
SPN, Dean/Cas, WIP, Dean and Cas save a fertility goddess and she gives them a baby
Castiel looks torn for a moment before he says, “She’s a baby,” there’s a note to his voice, as if challenging Gabriel to deny it or dare say that what he’s holding is something else.

Praxis, H/D holidays fic
HP, Harry/Draco, Harry is a glassblower and helps with a Wizarding plague
“You know I’m out of the helping people business.”

Says The Magpie To The Morning (Sorrow, Take Your Own Advice), H/D holidays fic
HP, Harry/Draco, post-war relationship angst, Pansy gives Draco enchanted magpies
The holidays are truly the worst time to be alone.

Duplicity and Impossible Tasks, H/D holidays fic
HP, Harry/Draco, during 6th year, Harry and Draco keep getting notes
“He can’t stop staring at you,” Pansy says.

The Pocketwatch Chronicles, H/D holidays fic
HP, Harry/Draco, never make a wish holding a magic watch (time travel steampunk AU)
There was love, there was hate, and then there was Draco Malfoy.

The World Thy Gaol, H/D holidays fic
HP, Harry/Draco, post-war, Draco develops a Metamorphagus potion
Draco had never taken the time to contemplate what life would be like in a post-war world without the Dark Lord.

It Happens Like This, by hermette
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PWP, Arthur shares his fantasies
Sometimes it happens like this.

Mind Over Matter, by anonymous (stxi_kinkmeme)
STR, Kirk/Spock, they play chess, Kirk has a brilliant idea to help Spock get back with Uhura
Not for the first time, Kirk found himself irrationally jealous of the chess set. Spock only concentrated on him like that if Kirk pissed him off first.

The Indifference of Heaven, by janie_tangerine
SPN, Dean/Cas, Cas loses his powers and walks to Dean and Sam’s motel
“If you really didn’t think that I was never gonna take a look out of the window, then I’ll have to start wondering whether you really have feathers for brains or not.”

Do You Know Who’s Playin’?, by littlehollyleaf
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel calls Cas for help and Sam babysits while he recovers
Sam stops first once the ringtone hits a chorus he doesn’t recognise and narrows his eyes at his brother across the angel between them. Dean keeps going a while longer, then frowns and turns to Castiel.

He Tastes So Sweet, by miya_tanaka
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, short, Gabriel kisses Sam for fun and it turns into something more
At first it starts as a game.

untitled day-at-the-beach fic, by seperis
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, starts with Adam’s birthday party, ends with some home truths
It’s not quite fair to be pissed Kris won’t call him on being a shitty friend; Adam’s been training expectations down for years.

Touching, by entangled_now
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, follow-up to Experimentation, Dean finds out what he’s been doing
Dean looks like he’s just discovered he’s secretly been molesting an angel.

We Are Cold, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Lucifer, PWP-ish, motel room during a heat wave
Sam doesn’t have to open his eyes to know he’s not alone.

Rise by Sin, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Lucifer, PWP-ish, see pairing
“I was trying to burn the world to a cinder six months ago, we all make sacrifices.”

Where I Go, by standing_fic
SPN, Dean/Cas, every Christmas Sam gives Dean a present and Dean doesn’t open it
“He also wanted me to give you this. He said maybe if it was from me, you wouldn’t turn it down.”

The First Autumn After, by kijikun
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, post-apocalypse, trip to the hay maze and wishing well
It’s the first autumn after the End of the World, and the world is surprisingly very unchanged from before the End of the World.

The Spaces In-Between, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Sam goes looking for his book in the Impala and finds Gabriel
Gabriel’s on the other side of the car, boots balanced against the window in a way that should be impossible.

The One With the Alternate Universe, by entangled_now
SPN, Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Castiel, tequila makes everything go wrong-side-up
“That’s not what you said last night,” Gabriel protests, and Sam didn’t even think it was possible to get that much innuendo into anything.

Fourth Wall series, by entangled_now
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Lucifer, everyone reads fanfic about themselves on the internet, continuing series
“So,” Dean says casually, then waits an extra beat, just long enough for Sam to get a decent mouthful of his coke. “You wanna tell me why you’ve been reading fake porn about me and Cas?”

Equinox, by luchia13
SPN, Dean/Cas, Cas travels through time and meets Dean at various ages, thinky
“You’re strangely charming as a child.”

When the Sky Calls You Home, by starandrea
SPN, Dean/Cas, follow up to Light Up the Sky for Me, conversations with Castiel, dealing with the whole Michael thing
“No,” Castiel said. “I have to go.” He didn’t, though, and finally Dean rolled his eyes. Awkward was an angel trying to make small talk.