Bragging Rights, by ragdoll987
STR, Kirk/Spock, haven’t read it, trying to finish my December fic
Damn, he must have drunk his way through those four bars and then some, but his memory became more than a little fuzzy after the third.

A Matter of Inconvenience, by astolat
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, haven’t read it but wanted it on the list before the end of the year
Kris steadied himself with one hand and hugged her with the other, grinning ruefully: and he’d worried that he’d find her turned into too much of a proper young lady.

Based on a True Story, by hollycomb
STR, Sulu/Chekov, Hollywood makes a movie based on the Enterprise’s first mission (and gets it all wrong)
“Sir!” movie Sulu says, frowning with utmost seriousness in Kirk’s direction. “I think I may be be of some assistance. My grandfather instructed me in the ways of the ninja.”

Knowing Me, Knowing You, by awarrington
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk and Spock meet at a Halloween party at the Academy
When he’d finished, his check was brought to him with a fortune cookie and breaking it open, read the words on the small piece of paper: Fortune favors the brave.

The Capricious God, by jane_potter
STR, Kirk/Spock, AU, Kirk’s a (hilarious) God, Spock is an acolyte
“No. You have got to be fucking kidding me. They did not. Ban. Sex. In my bible.”

How Kirk DIDN’T Get Into Starfleet, by sparrowshellcat
STR, Kirk/Spock, AU, Spock’s minions hire Kirk to loosen him up, Spock interprets it liberally
The trainees he was here with, however, had a different idea in for his evening.

Hypothetically Possible Logical Relations, by antihysteric
STR, Kirk/Spock, AU, X-Men-like powers, Kirk and Spock talk about his powers late at night
He tries to maneuver around Spock, but Spock’s taking up the whole door frame and eyeing Jim like he’s a particularly fascinating science experiment that’s just gotten past the “form hypothesis” stage and is moving into the “collect data” phase.

Pink, by the_deep_maic
STR, Kirk/Spock, Jim wakes up and can’t remember the night before, but Spock does
He still has no idea what he drank last night, but whatever it was, it was a violent shade of pink.

Universal Translation, by keelywolfe
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk keeps touching Spock
The issue at hand, so to speak, is the touching.

Come As You Are, by ryann_blackwood
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk comes back from a mission and he and Spock deal with some relationship confusion
“The Captain is on an official mission, Doctor. And Lieutenant Uhura, while quite efficient in her duties, is not charged with ‘collaring’ him.”

Rumor Has It, by Dana Austin March
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk and Spock try to create a rumor that they’re together, everyone ignores them
“We’ve all tried to respect their privacy the last year or so, and that was fine when it was only those looks across the bridge and all that disappearing night after night for chess.”

Silver Lining, by awarrington
STR, Kirk/Spock, Spock undergoes Pon Farr and winds up bonded to Kirk
There was a pause of a few seconds during which time Kirk began to get the distinct impression he hadn’t been heard, as the First Officer appeared not to be reacting to his request for more data.

Affliction’s Sons, by stella_andrea
STR, Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Winona, New Vulcan has a Pon Farr outbreak, Kirk and Spock pretend to be engaged
“Why are all these people congratulating me?” he complained to Spock.

Four Christmases Claire Novak Didn’t Celebrate and One She Did, by kijikun
SPN, various (includes Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel), five things story
Being the Vessel of an Angel isn’t all that bad, Claire thinks, when she’s awake to do so.

Experimentation, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Sam finds out whether Gabriel was lying about the wing thing
Sam sets the glass down, takes two step forward and very carefully lays his hand between Gabriel’s shoulder blades.

i have been in arkansas, by fiercelydreamed
SPN, Dean and Cas have a late-night talk about morality
“You just been sitting there all night?”

When the water takes us home, by cobweb_diamond
SGA, on Earth (after The Return part 1), the team realizes it’s not home anymore
This was why it came as such a shock when he found himself missing Atlantis.

Simply Divine, by adeina_rhyddha
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, modern AU, Merlin’s a vampire, Arthur’s curious
Being a vampire wasn’t so bad.

The Past, The Future and the Now, by camelotsolstice
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, reincarnation fic, Merlin starts slipping back and forth between his job as a software programmer and Camelot
Feeling completely unprepared, Merlin knocks, waiting for Arthur’s “Come” to swing open the door.

Phi, by aesc and Siria
SGA, John/Rodney, AU, journalist!Rodney interviews model!John
He is actually going to do this, concede to Elizabeth’s demands for a gesture of good faith, and interview a super-mega-hugely famous male model, when just a month ago he was raking executive officers over the coals of righteous anger and indignation.

Suppose It’s Too Much to Call Coincidence, by seperis
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Kris and Adam find a magic puppy, complications ensue
“Hey, is that a puppy?”

At Our Best When It’s From the Hips, by derryere
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin runs into Arthur in a brothel and everything gets weird and difficult
Merlin thinks the new stable hand is giving him looks.

Strange Customs, by wiccatastic
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, skimmed, Arthur and Merlin visit a foreign court, Merlin gets auctioned off
Merlin gazed in awe at the tall towers of Isiad, the court of the Mycenian kingdom.

Over the River, by jade_dragoness
STR, Kirk/Spock, Spock takes Kirk home to his grandmother’s to recover from radiation poisoning
“Are we there yet?” Jim asked, his voice thick with lingering sleep.

Hiding Spot, by toestastegood
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin hides out from a magic-seeking monster, Arthur & co. visit
“And, I wanted to say that I’m not in love with Morgana. I wanted to say that again so it’s really clear.”

Aftermath, by shinetheway
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, post-Valiant, Merlin helps Arthur after the tournament
This was why he had come back to his rooms alone, asked for no help, so that no one could see his pain or his weakness.

As True As The Sea Is, by fiercynn
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, yet another monster leads to a Serious Talk in the forest
Caves, Arthur thought sourly, half-holding Merlin up as they ran, were never a good idea.

You’re a Mile Away and You Have Their Shoes, by mad_maudlin
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur and Merlin switch lives due to a spell gone wrong, the Old Religion goes crazy ending the world
It took, in hindsight, far too long and far too many stupid questions for Gaius to assure Arthur that he was really, really not joking.

Winterbloom, by Shinybug
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, a hunt during winter leads to Arthur and Merlin getting together
It was a time of oak and holly, a time in limbo, when anything was possible.

It’s Vulcan for Humbug, by nimori
STR, Kirk/Spock, holiday happenings on the Enterprise, Spock wears a Santa hat
Jim shrugged and signed himself up for the lot. He was the captain. It was his *duty.*

Baby It’s Cold Outside, by waketosleep
STR, Kirk/Spock, the environmental controls are broken and everyone’s cold
“Here you go,” Jim said, bringing the steaming mug he’d replicated over to the couch and handing it to Spock. “Hot cocoa.”

That Old Black Magic, by jerakeen
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, AU, a fortune teller told Adam he’d fall in love with someone whose name starts with a K
Adam steals another carrot from the salad and then rearranges the remaining ones to hide the fact that he’s eaten most of them already.

Little Touch of Fate, by shelbecat
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, AU, Kris meets Adam in LA pre-Idol, then later when Adam’s on tour
“He’s living my life!” he moans to Katy.

My Apocalypse, by chase_acow
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Ruby comes back, Sam goes with her, Dean really likes the wings
“I was saving a kitten stuck in a tree.”

Forgiveness for Future Mistakes, by tabulaxrasa
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Dean sells his soul to Castiel, it makes him high
“I have… a possible way around that,” Cas said, carefully, like he didn’t think Dean would like it.

The Thorn on the Rose, by misslucyjane
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Sam leaves and Castiel hangs out with Dean a lot
The first time Dean kissed Castiel was in a parking lot.

You, Me & The Weather, by piecesofalice
Leverage, Parker/Alec, hiding in the rain
They were somewhere, under the cover of some vestibule in the middle of an industrial estate that wouldn’t be safe to run out of until a) he fixed their comms with three dimes, a straw in it’s paper wrapper and the button Parker had offered off the inside of her coat or b) Steve and his growing number of cronies suddenly dropped dead of pneumonia or sugar shock.

short subjects, by sinead
Leverage, Parker/Eliot/Alec, two scenes, breakfast and Halloween
Parker thinks he looks kind of foolishly adorable, both thuggish and scholarly. Kind of like a rottweiler puppy doing math homework.

Mastermind, by jmtorres
White Collar, Peter/Neal, their relationship is *weird* but it works for them
“I’m sorry,” said Cruz, “do you think because I’m not the department lesbian I don’t have gaydar?”

A Sure Thing, by lightgetsin
White Collar, Peter/Neal, Neal steals a Byron letter to get a reactioin
“Okay,” Peter says, and there’s a rasp in his voice. “Repeat after me: theft is not foreplay.”

Angels, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, separate motel rooms was probably a good idea
“Look, whatever, I’m just letting them have their -” Sam hesitates to say ‘privacy’ because that sounds kind of sordid, considering.

Important Angel Business, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Sam and Gabriel text their way through the apocalypse
Sam has no idea how Gabriel got his number.

For a Living, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, digging up a grave (Sam digs, Gabriel watches)
Dean gets the angel that makes cow eyes and rebels against heaven and explodes for him and Sam gets- This is completely unfair.
(includes a comment!fic starting here)

I Accept This, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Sam and Gabriel have a weird and probably not entirely healthy relationship
When he opens his eyes there’s still a hazy edge to the world.

Candy Mountain, by entangled_now
SPN, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel wakes Sam up with M&Ms
“Gabriel, some of us actually have to sleep.” Sam refuses to open his eyes, because if he opens his eyes he’ll have to be awake.

Mud, Music and Me, by leupagus
STR AU, wee!Spock & wee!Kirk with illustrations, Spock stays at the Kirk house while his parents are away
“I am not feeling sad, but I do not wish to compromise my emotional state so I would ask that you supply myself and Jim with ice cream at this time.”

Our Mornings, by entangled_now
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel, post-apocalypse-winning morning after, with pancakes
He vaguely remembers there being a ‘hurrah we didn’t die in a fiery apocalypse and the world is still here’ party.
(with bonus comment!fic and extended scene)

Meerkat Apocalypse (The B Movie That Never Got Made), by 01100100
STR RPF, the gang fight off an alien invasion of meerkats, crack!fic
“I don’t think our revelation about witnessing the extra-terrestrial eat our limo and limo driver is going to be quite as career damaging as I had previously imagined.”

Into Temptation, Anonymous
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, hunting trip, Arthur figures out the magic and acts like a jerk
“Until you know what Arthur’s going to do you’ll have to limit your time at the castle. Don’t go unless you’re specifically requested to.”

Ceremony to the UFOs, Anonymous
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, Arthur and Merlin are in school together, planetarium field trip
There was an upwards quirk at the corners of Merlin’s mouth even though he rolled his eyes. Arthur just grinned and crunched his stolen treat.

Suits You Sire, Anonymous
Merlin, OT4, hats lead to flirting lead to shenanigans, silly
Merlin, with his typical grace and refinement, blundered into Morgana’s room at eight-ish one evening.

Small Town Mechanics, by fuzzytomato
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, haven’t read it, Merlin’s a mechanic in a small town?
He wasn’t quite sure how he’d gotten here, literally and figuratively.

The cold war, Anonymous
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, a giant snowstorm hits Camelot in the middle of summer and everyone freaks out
There’s something just weird floating in the air, and it has nothing to do neither with Merlin nor with Arthur killing him when he’s get his breath back.

If You Can’t Dance to This, It Doesn’t Matter, by waketosleep
STR AU, Kirk/Spock, the school AU prompted by leupagus
“If a week went by where I didn’t land myself in detention at least once, every teacher in this joint would have a simultaneous heart attack. Don’t worry about it. I fight with Johnstone all the time. He has issues.”

multi-part comment-fic on the star trek RPF community, by 01100100 (danvers?)
STR RPS, Zach/Chris, for the prompt “Chris has a kid from a previous relationship and hires Zach as live-in care.”
Chris stares for a whole five minutes before he frowns and says, “I think there’s been a mistake.”

Future Legend, by winterlive
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Adam is king of post-apocalyptic LA
There’s no point in wishing the last five years never happened, because they did.

It’s a New Dawn, by winterlive
AI RPS, Adam/Zach Quinto, Adam and Zach meet in a bar and commiserate
He might be miserable, but at least he can do it like a rock star.

A geometry for spirits, by aesc
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Castiel invented demon-fighting symbols, and gives his name to Dean
Your care for your work has always endangered you, Castiel.

We All Need Saving, by evening_bat
SPN, Dean/Castiel, AU, Dean pisses off a mayor, Castiel is the town’s patron angel
“Very well,” Castiel finally agreed, reaching one hand towards Dean.

Love in the Time of Cupcakes, by ripsacooper & dlasta
Psych, Carlton/Shawn, illegal public!sex outside a strip club pretty much says it all
Lassiter sips his scotch and tries not think about Spencer, or to look like he’s looking.

The Twentieth Call, by anyothergirl415
SPN RPS, J2, AU, lawyer!Jensen meets telemarketer/journalist!Jared on the phone
It has to be coincidence, he’s sure, because there’s more then one person named Jared in the world and they might be happy too. Maybe Jared is a happy person name.

Make the Devil Feel Surprise, by Telesilla
SGA, John/Rodney, mirrorverse AU (TOS-style), Jeannie gives 16-year-old Rodney to John
“You want to bring a kid to Atlantis.” John shook his head. “Out of the question.”

Nice Place to Visit, by sabinelagrande
SGA, John/Rodney, John & Rodney get stuck on a planet with the Bykstran, then rescued, Rodney’s not sure which is worse
He suddenly realized that he was in the middle of one of Bykstra’s cities; he’d been too out of it to notice when they’d been rushed in with the other survivors.

Journey’s Course, by tracy_loo_who
SPN, Dean/Castiel, after they win, Castiel leaves, Dean knows he’ll see him again
“I’ve watched and waited for you your entire life, Dean. I will watch and wait for the rest of it, too.”

Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, by waketosleep
STR, Kirk/Spock, the crew doesn’t react to their PDAs, but it’s not for the reason Kirk thinks
“I find, Captain, that your assertions are illogical and extremely difficult to believe, given the lack of corroborating evidence.”

Study of an interior, by sinead
White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, first time threesome over Thanksgiving at June’s
There was a scrum just inside the door, with everyone taking off their coats and talking.

From Beyond the Morgue, by nixa_jane
Psych, Shawn/Carlton, sequel to The Dah-Ling Store-It-Yourself, Carlton’s on leave and tags along on Shawn’s case
Gus was in the entryway when he came in, running salt across the window with the intense focus of a madman.

Contingency Plans, by anonymous_sibyl
Burn Notice, Michael/Fiona, Fiona gets shot, Michael worries
The only thing crazier and more dangerous than a spy who no longer exists to his government is a former IRA operative.

The Miami Job, by Orockthro
Leverage/Burn Notice, Eliot calls Michael for help on a job that gets out of hand
Eliot cleared his throat. “Actually, I have someone for that job…”

Reporting, by basingstoke
Marvel (different universe than the other one), Peter reports to Nick Fury on his 18th birthday
The doors seemed even bigger this time, the ceilings polished and white and high as the sky, but the system recognized him and let him in.

Tabloid, by basingstoke
Marvel, sequel to Paparazzo, more Tony Stark/Spiderman
As he pulled his costume on, he thought he heard Tony say, “This still isn’t the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.”

Bright Lights and Shadows, by Nox
SGA, John/Rodney, outsider POV of Rodney and John on a trip back to Earth
He did some things the same, he still snuck into labs and scrawled criticism over the equations, except now the proofs he used Samuel had never seen before but try as he might could not disprove.

Not Ours to Command, by suaine
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, a visiting princess gives Arthur a love potion, they all go hunting the next day
“Keep an eye on the princess, would you? Something about this doesn’t feel right,” Arthur said.

Mirrored Glass, by sarcasticchick
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur thinks a lot after Merlin goes to fight Nimueh
“Where did he go?” Arthur snapped, looking from Hunith to Morgana and Gwen, who appeared guilty for whatever role they had played in not stopping the fool.

Cry Havoc, by suaine
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, the dog sticks around, Merlin reveals his magic fighting a dragon for Arthur
In theory it should be much easier to turn the dog back to stone.

A Persistent Curiosity, or Why Merlin is So Bloody Fascinating, by rurounihime
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur tries to figure out how to ask Merlin to switch roles in bed
He wasn’t going to ask. Well, obviously.

The Parable of the Shower, by Leah Bobet
it’s a parable about a shower, and angels, and God, and it’s funny
Thou sayest unto the angel: I am in the shower.

Drive-By Devotion, by astolat
AI RPS, Adam/Tommy, astolat calls it “x-rated cracktastic 2am porn”
It seemed like a good idea after five martinis in the Wynn high-rollers bar.

The Sweep of Easy Wind, by Blackchaps
SGA, John/Rodney, AU, John’s a prisoner under the supervision of Caldwell, Rodney steals him
This was obviously a blatant misuse of alien technology.

Thousandmother, by springwoof
SGA, John/Rodney, the team gets separated, meet the Taum, fight various enemies, & learn about Ascension
On the fifth day, John stumbled out of the woods into a snow-dappled clearing surrounding a sizable village.

The weight of the world (is love), by ruby_fruit
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Kris hooks up with Adam (with Katy’s knowledge) at the Idol mansion
Being with Adam, Kris thinks, is sometimes like being hit by a very friendly truck.
Followed by: Angels or Machines, Mad or Chill, In Thoughts Constructs

Apologies to Matt Damon, by rainy_daisies
AI RPS AU, Adam/Kris, talk-show-host!Kris interviews Adam on live tv
“Shut up, Matt. He asked me, not you.” He turns to Adam. “God, I love my job.”

Vintage If You Make It, by arabella_hope
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Kris convinces Adam to keep his ugly chair, PWP
They’re in Kris’s home, now, in LA. Adam’s reclined in the only item Kris had insisted on bringing from Conway – or, more likely, the only one Katy had insisted on him taking in the divorce: a god-awful, beat-to-hell easy chair.

We Are Not Your Friends (We’re Here To Eat You), by randomeliza
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, True Blood AU, Kris goes looking for a missing friend and finds Adam
“Welcome to Fangtasia,” he says into the microphone, and grins sharply. “Eric says drink more.”

powers of ten, by honey_wheeler
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, ten kisses that tell the story of Adam and Kris’ relationship
“The designers of this house were prejudiced against tall people.” Adam sinks into a chair and rubs gingerly at the lump.

Whatever Remains (However Improbable), by waketosleep
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk tries to figure out who posted a certain poem on the “Wall”
Every day more things were added to the mural: photos, drawings, original poetry, quotes from famous authors, historical figures and people in Engineering (frequently uncensored), and, eventually (far too frequently), memorials of those lost.

Pale, by zoetrope
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, set in rageprufrock’s DRP ‘verse, their first official interview after being outed as a couple
Merlin had never seen Arthur so nervous.

Pegasus Purgatorio, by mrshamill
SGA, John/Rodney, what happened in the 10 years between And All the Seas and Prodigal Sails (links at top of fic)
As long as they were together, they’d be fine. Yeah. He might even begin to convince himself of that, too, if he repeated it enough.

The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed, by lazulisong
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk keeps ending up in Spock’s bed (along with the cat)
“However, I would appreciate it very much, Captain, if you would awake-walk back to your own quarters, and take that animal with you.”

Continuity, by dotfic
SPN, Dean/Castiel, post-Apocalypse (averted), Sam and Cas commiserate about how hard it is to keep Dean safe
“Oh, hey, Cas.” Lying on his back and out of breath, Dean lifts a hand in greeting.

Allowances, by entangled_now
SPN, Dean rubs Castiel’s back in public while Sam and Gabriel watch
Dean’s not paying attention to what he’s doing and Sam’s been watching him not pay attention for the last few minutes.

Zombies Ate Your Idols (They Were Delicious), by solarcat05
AI RPS/bandom (MCR), Adam winds up on tour with My Chemical Romance, Kris joins in later
“Adam. Would you mind telling me why My Chemical Romance is blogging about you going on tour with them this summer!?”

The City That Never Sleeps, by lemonade_lady
AI RPS AU, Adam/Kris, Kris moves to New York and Adam adopts him as his roommate
Kris Allen was lost. Very, very lost, deep down in the belly of south of Houston Street.

Far More Than Fleeting, by jenslore
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, Adam gets addicted to drugs, Kris helps him get his life back together
Hollywood offers chances at redemption, but only after you’ve hit a low bad enough to make the hour long special E! is already planning to run on you extra juicy.

the hours and times of your desire, by solvent90
AI RPS AU, Adam/Kris, slave!fic, Adam buys Kris, who then earns his freedom through a record deal
“A scribe?” Adam raised his eyebrows. “Then what’s he doing here?”

Revelation, by lamardeuse
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur returns from a trip, Merlin shaves his beard, magic reveal, etc.
And then he felt a dawning horror as the truth came clear: after barely more than a week without him, he missed Arthur with a force that staggered him.

The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down, by ruby_fruit
AI RPS, Kris/Adam, Kris and Adam end up in crazyland with Algernon the unicorn and travel to the end of the world
“Oh my god. We just had sex in a church, Kris. That was on my bucket list.”
(link to Part 2)

No Time to Ring the Alarm, by jeyhawk
AI RPS AU, Kris/Adam, Kris and Adam (detective partners) undercover at a club
Kris still thinks they should have let him do it, putting Adam on a stage is really just asking for trouble.

fic by Jerakeen
AI RPS is the stuff I’ve been reading by jerakeen, and it’s all v.awesome; I’m just reccing the whole page

HATERS TO THE LEFT (or: How Kris Allen Learned to Embrace His Inner Kanye), by buffyx
AI RPS, during Idol, Adam helps Kris be more like Kanye
The next day he downloads all the tracks from Kanye’s latest album and loads them on his iPod.

The Trouble With Kids Is…, by shelbecat
AI RPS AU, Kris/Adam, Adam meets Kris at a bar and doesn’t remember, Kris sings at a daycare and has kids
If it weren’t for the evidence, he’d deny having any knowledge of the guy; but a picture speaks a thousand words, or some such nonsense, and the picture presently displayed on his phone is yelling, ‘Yes, you do know him, and you kissed him, you TRAMP!’

Godly Love, by minglingcrab
AI RPS, Kris/Adam, Kris and Adam “honeymoon” in Italy, look at art
There isn’t any real reason that they chose Italy.

Hanging Like Bricks Don’t, by minglingcrab
AI RPS, Kris/Adam, AMTDI, Kris and Adam are kidnapped by aliens doing research
There doesn’t seem to be anything to say to that. Luckily, the man does not appear to expect a response.

Serious Moonlight, by merry
AI RPS, Kris/Adam, Kris and Adam in a bar on the last night of the tour, kinda PWP
Kris lost Adam in the crowd somewhere between the third and fourth drink, and headed for high ground.

The One Where Adam is a Cullen and Kris Moves to Washington, by Mary
AI RPS Twilight AU, Kris/Adam, the title says it all, Adam is sparkly and awesome
” I’m not on drugs. I’m a vampire.”

Mercy of the Fallen, by Kat Reitz and Perryvic
SGA AU, John/Rodney/Carson, supernatural powers AU, the SGC starts recruiting Otherkind
“Good afternoon. I’m sure we’re all anxious for this interviewing process to start, but there’s a demon in the room.”

Smoke Without Fire, by toestastegood
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin is revealed, burned at the stake (not really), and meets up with Arthur years later
Despite his complaining, Merlin flopped from a sitting position to a lying one, nudging Arthur over so that he could take a spot lying on his coat as well.

cut scenes from War Games, by seperis
STR, Kirk/Spock, scenes that didn’t make it to the final version, Kirk and Spock adjusting to being in each other’s heads
“However,” Dr. McCoy says, flipping off the viewscreen, “we are about to engage in some serious breaches of patient confidentiality and that should be done in my office. Preferably with alcohol.”

six times Jim called Spock ‘darling’, by mamaesme
STR, Kirk/Spock, just what the title says, cute
The second time, it is deliberate.

Dean and Cas vs. The Grumpy Old Biddy, by uselessplayback
SPN, Dean/Castiel, outsider POV, Dean and Cas move in to a house down the street
“Hi, ma’am,” the Winchester boy says and Gertrude wonders if his smile is supposed to be charming. “Is my . . . is Castiel still here?”

Rule of Three, by azrielle_jones
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam comes to terms with his feelings about Cas and Dean
If an angel is what Dean needs, then Sam will be glad he has one. And when Dean needs a brother, Sam will make sure he has that, too.

Bragging Rights, by the_ninth_bow
SPN, Dean/Cas, Sam and Dean have a practical joke war, Castiel watches and learns
“What is the purpose of all these ‘practical jokes’?”

Often a sweetness, by 22by7
SPN, Dean, Cas, Ellen, & Jo eat a meal and swap phone numbers after a fight
And because the universe had decided that Dean’s sense of wonder didn’t need to be completely eroded out of existence, he got to see Castiel and Jo huddling solemnly over their cell phones.

Light Up the Sky for Me, by starandrea
SPN, nano novel 2009!, Dean and Sam (and Cas, Ruby, Jo, Bobby, Ellen, etc.), life goes on during the apocalypse
Here at the end of days, watching heaven rain down over an empty prairie, that was almost funny.

White Rabbit, by cjmarlowe
AI RPS, Adam/Kris/Katy, post-tour all three go to a club, then back to the hotel together
The hotel room in LA looked exactly the same as every other room Kris had spend time in over the past few months.

All These Things That I’ve Done, by winterlive
AI RPS AU, Kris/Adam, Adam meets Kris in a bar and takes him home, no one’s who they appear
“You don’t even know my name.”

Summer Boys, by rubyfruit
AI RPS AU, superpowers!AU, Kris/Adam, Adam’s telekinetic, Kris is a werewolf, they go to summer camp
Kris doesn’t know why the people who run it insist on calling The Memorial School for Higher Learning a camp.

Unbroken, by snowlight
STR Mirror!verse, Kirk/Spock, Kirk breaks into Spock’s quarters after Vulcan is destroyed
He started cracking the security code to her door at the mark of twenty. He succeeded at twenty-two.
Same universe as Perfumed (dark)