Contractual Obligations: A Love Story in Three Traffic Lights, by shaenie
White Collar, Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, Peter and Elizabeth have it all worked out
He gives himself a tick mark on the scorecard of the ongoing battle to surprise Neal Caffrey.

Stardust, by astolat
AI RPS, Kris/Adam, Kris is mistaken for someone else when he goes to see Adam on tour
He’d been in plenty of rooms like this of his own, those three crazy post-Idol touring years, but he’d never seen the backstage part of setting one up before. Although Adam was higher maintenance than Kris had ever been. By a factor of about a million.

(Fear) the Reaper, by baylorsr
Pych/SPN, Halloween xover, Shawn & Gus (and Dean & Sam) investigate zombie pets in a neighborhood
Shawn, you’re watching Zombieland trailers,” he said. “Not exactly billable hours.”

Symptomatic, by corpus_invictus
STR, Kirk/Spock, h/c, Spock gets sick and Kirk takes care of him
Spock must be feeling worse than he lets on, because instead of arguing the matter for another half hour he accepts it with a resigned sigh, rising from the biobed and making his way slowly out of Sick Bay.

A Question of Science series, by screamlet
STR, Kirk/Spock, multiple stories, Spock Prime is a matchmaker, Spock is jealous, Kirk learns how to be in a relationship
“I believe the logic is in remaining open to the idea that attraction may strike at any given moment, rather than attempting to exert control over the uncontrollable.”

dr. and mrs. princess whitelaw, by screamlet and leupagus
STR RPS AU, Chris/Zach, post-movie, Chris works at Berkeley and is hilarious
He wanders inside and up the stairs, smiling at the few people who blink in recognition at him and sliding past before they can stop him and say, “Hey, aren’t you that guy–“

Denouement, by screamlet
STR, Kirk/Spock, follows Discount Shot Night and Diving, Kirk gets kidnapped and the crew rescues him
“Well, I don’t want to intrude or anything but — I’ve been kidnapped. Nothing major yet, just some light torture, the usual.”

Reasonable Doubt ‘verse, by china_shop
White Collar, eventual Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, haven’t read it but ifyouweremine recced it, WIP
Since he’s been out, the only person Neal’s been straight with is June, and only because she saw through him in less than a minute.

Immovable Unspeakable meets Irresistible Hit Wizard, by Alisanne
HP, Harry/Draco, retelling of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, the spark is gone, but it comes back through vigorous efforts to escape death
The night things began to change started out ordinarily enough.

Precious Things series, by hearnmouse
STR, more stories in the verse with ‘Precious Things’ (the one where smugglers help save people from Vulcan)
Cheers of joy drown out anything else he may have said as he thumbs the datapad decisively, signing off on the new work schedule for the mining colony of Janus VI.
(Note: quote is from Ripples, the one with the hortas)

Still Waters, by medie
STR, Kirk/girl!Spock, Kirk and Spock on a beach post-movie events
“You see, Spock,” her mother had said, “some fairytales are real.” She’d looked at Sarek then, a look passing between them that, to this day, Spock does not pretend to understand.

I Promise You, by waldorph
STR, Kirk/Spock, part of a larger series I read out of order, Sam Kirk and Aurelan meet, marry, & have babies
And the thing is, she has now two minutes to get to class to be three minutes late. And she might make it, but she kind of doubts it.

EGBDG, by shetiger
AI RPS, Adam/Kris/Katy, Adam misunderstands Kris’ question, but everything works out just fine
“I have to talk to Katy,” he said, and oh, she was going to laugh at him so much, because there was no way he wasn’t going to be able to tell her exactly how he got himself into this situation.

On to Become, by posyvanilla
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk gets injured touching an artifact on an away mission, Spock worries
He’d been sitting there for twelve hours, Kirk knew it, and he had to look away.

Shiver, by posyvanilla
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk & Spock get in trouble on an away mission with hypothermia and a lecherous host
“So I hear you have trust problems,” he said rudely, instead, and beside him, he felt Uhura stiffen.

Symmetry in Orbit, by betweenthebliss
STR, Firefly xover, Chekov/River, Chekov meets River at Starfleet Academy
“To answer your question, Cadet Tam,” the professor is talking again, “no, we will not be covering string theory this semester.”

Superstars Sucked In, by soda_and_capes
STR, Kirk/McCoy, didn’t read, got thrown off by the whole “Spock’s a vampire!” thing and the presence of plot
Wariness and paranoia are close friends, and McCoy doesn’t really care if he crosses the line sometimes.

The Effects of the Fine Art of Procrastination, by starkindler
STR, Kirk/McCoy, McCoy is a vampire, bureaucratic confusion means no one on board knows, so he tells them
Maybe agreeing to be Chief Medical Officer on the Enterprise wasn’t the greatest idea he’d ever had.

The Zombie Story, by giglet
White Collar, zombie attacks happen every once in a while, Elizabeth is awesome
“Zombies, I know, I heard it on 1010 wins in the cab home,” Elizabeth said, talking like any other New Yorker with limited cell minutes — in other words, a mile a minute.

everything in its right place, by freshly_ground
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, Arthur’s a college student in America when he remembers, Merlin requires wooing
He was King Arthur of Camelot. And he was failing math. What a fucking joke.
Part 2

Pinions, by vorpalblades
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin adopts an owl, Arthur and the owl don’t get along
As he said it, it looked like the bird actually narrowed its eyes at Arthur, but he could have been mistaken about that.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?, by eatsyourface
STR AU, Spock’s an android (sort of) that runs off, meets Kirk, and helps him fix up his house
Spock leaves the Vulcan Embassy in San Francisco with nothing but the clothing he wears and the small survival kit that Amanda packed for him in case of emergency.

Sweet and Lovely and Of the Devil, by franticsga
Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, Colin arranges for some together time before an interview
After too many times making an arse of himself, Bradley is determined to be Cool and Completely Professional when Colin gets in from Scotland.

The Gents, by cherrybina
Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, same plot as the one above
“I missed you,” Colin says.

within the confines of such chemistry, by freshly_ground
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, Merlin leads druids and lets himself be captured, Arthur talks to him in the dungeons
Just as Arthur is thinking that this young man might very well be the strangest sorcerer that he’s ever happened across, Merlin comes along without so much as an argument or a fight, and gets that much stranger.

Love is Strange, by dogpoet
STR, Kirk/Spock, movie AU (Dirty Dancing), Spock’s parents take him to an Earth resort for the summer
An Andorian behind her leaned close, but still had to shout to be heard. “He’s a Vulcan. Vulcans don’t dance.”

First Contact, by this_i_love
ST TOS, Kirk/Spock, Jim is accused of cheating at Starfleet Academy, Spock helps clear his name, Gary Mitchell is there
A persistent variant of the legend holds that James Kirk and Spock first met on the Enterprise, following Kirk’s investiture as her captain. This legend is incorrect.

Of Trials and Timing, by freudian_fuckup
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, Arthur goes to pull the sword out of the stone (again) and has some trouble
Because really, falling on one’s arse didn’t scream Once and Future anything.

the quiet sound of thunder, by fortassetu
STR AU, Kirk/McCoy, the gang hunts vampires on Earth
In James T. Kirk’s experience, there is a sure-fire way to tell if it’s Monday morning or not – is your head being bashed against various inanimate objects by a vampire, or not?

Refractions, by bigmamag
STR, Kirk/Spock, multiple universes collide due to a spatial anomaly
“A team of researchers at the Vulcan Science Academy have discovered a strange anomaly centered around an unknown planet in the Beta Quadrant.”

Sleep, Sweet Prince, by eos_rose
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, crack!fic, Merlin stands in for Pudsey
“Merlin, you idiot,” he said instead, “you know I can’t sleep without Pudsey!”

Reclamation, by catbird_tales
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, I skimmed this one — explanation of Arthur’s crappy behavior towards Merlin in S2?
Arthur is not used to feeling indecisive.

Making a Living Out of Hope, by casspeach
STR AU, McCoy/Chekov, McCoy wins Chekov in a card game on shore leave, etc, etc.
Say what you like about Jim Kirk’s shortcomings – and Leonard did, even if only ever to his face, unlike some – the captain knew how to organize a shore leave to remember.

lie back and think of Starfleet, by curiouslyfic
STR, Kirk/Sulu, Kirk and Sulu get married a lot
God help them all when they hit a planet where brizzah doesn’t work.

The Sky Was Made For Us Tonight, by waketosleep
STR AU, Kirk/Spock, Kirk and Spock escape a Vulcan-controlled Earth and make friends in space
“Citizen Kirk, you were apprehended for provoking an altercation in a public entertainment facility this evening.”

The Touch-Move Rule, by waketosleep
STR, Kirk/Spock, chess night shenanigans
He was already so distracted that he leaned forward to touch his rook before realizing that he’d meant to use the knight, instead.

Breaking Orbit, by saavikam77
STR, Joanna McCoy — 5 times she ran away and 1 she didn’t
Hefting the pack higher on her small shoulders, Joanna McCoy tried to hurry up the sidewalk toward the Greyhound station.

The Most Precious Thing, by midnight_city
STR, Sulu/Chekov, how Chekov grew up in the reboot!verse
When Pavel Andreivich Chekov was four years old and in nursery class, he drew in clumsy crayon, an awkward, quartered box before proceeding to inform his classmates of all the possible outcomes of a race held between a rabbit and a tortoise.

Let it all stop here, by echoinautumn
STR AU, Sulu/Chekov, Sulu has a baby girl (Demora), Chekov is the babysitter
Hikaru sacrifices whatever shreds of dignity he’s been clinging to for the last three years of his life and makes the call.

And All the King’s Men, by mijan
STR, Kirk breaks down because of a training sim and repressed memories of Tarsus IV, Bones helps
Early Thursday morning found an under-caffeinated Leonard McCoy on the staging floor of Training Simulation Facility Four.

Caught, by glacis
WC, Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, Mozzie figures out who the man with the ring is, Peter and Elizabeth help Neal recover
Most of the time, Mozzie liked being Neal Caffrey’s best friend. But sometimes, it sucked.

On a Day Like This, by oxymoronic
STR, Kirk/McCoy, AU, Kirk doesn’t join Starfleet and the world ends (no, really)
“It didn’t randomly get destroyed,” the cadet interrupts, irritable, “it suffered a natural disaster. Even Starfleet says so.”

Indistinguishable From Magic, by barrowjane
STR, the Enterprise gets caught with the Reliance in a telepathically-created false reality
The call from Starfleet comes in when Jim is halfway through midshift-meal, listening half-heartedly to the increasing volume of Scotty and Chekov discussing math, with occasional interjections from Sulu.

In Writing (alternate ending), by astolat
AI RPS, Kris/Adam, alternate ending to In Writing
“Oh my God, they actually got you!” Adam said excitedly, dropped the bag, and came right at him.

Two Hundred and Eight Weeks, by elandrialore
White Collar, Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, 208 weeks with Neal Caffrey, Peter figures things out
“You didn’t think I was going to leave you two here alone, did you?” she asks with a small grin, and Peter finds the smile he’d lost the moment he heard the shot.

Off the Leash, by Dragonfly
WC, Peter/Neal, Neal’s tracker stops working, Peter takes him to a safehouse
“Yes, he’s sitting in front of me.” That statement attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

Nothing Happens Unless First We Dream, by myrimidryad
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin has an overactive imagination, Camelot is struck by a truth-telling curse
Merlin had always known he had an overactive imagination.

no fool for love songs, by torigates
Psych, Shawn gets visitors in the hospital after ‘Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark’
Given half a chance to run away from a life-threatening situation, that’s what he’s going to do. No questions asked.

West Wing/Star Trek RPS crossover, leupagus
ST RPS/West Wing fusion thing, West Wing with the actors from STXI, election night basketball game
Which is how the Abrams/Grunberg ’08 campaign heard about their victory arguing over a possible foul ball in the back parking lot of their national headquarters.

And Play a Favorite Song, by linzeestyle
AI RPS, Kris/Adam, Kris and Adam figure things out post-Idol and post-breakup-with-Katy
Nobody wants to write that song, the break-up song. It’s more about knowing what you want after that.

A Fire That Wouldn’t Burn, by NightRider
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin saves Camelot, fails to be executed, and meets Arthur for dinner far away
“I believe the words you meant to say were ‘Merlin, you’re a great and powerful warlock. Thank you so much for saving Camelot from total destruction.”

Stupid People, by Maychorian
SPN, Sam and Cas get turned into a puppy and a kitten, Dean referees
“Never seen ’em before in my life,” Dean muttered. For a second, he kind of wished it was true. Just a second.

Something About You, by lamardeuse
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, rimming!PWP
“Thanks,” Arthur muttered. Arthur’s flat was a luxuriously appointed three thousand square feet of conspicuous consumption, with an unparalleled view of the Thames. No one had ever called it ‘nice’.

Won’t Get Fooled Again, by trinityofone
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Castiel talks about his feelings, Dean thinks it’s a prank
Having the Trickster on their side occasionally—okay, frequently—seems worse than if he were aiding the enemy.

The Case of the Missing Conventioneers, by Gryvon
Psych, Shawn/Carlton, sequel to The Case of the Missing Cockatiel, darker, Shawn is kidnapped for his psychic abilities
Shawn answered the phone on the third ring. “No, dad,” he said before Henry could begin.

But, to me, by tetsubinatu
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin is taken prisoner on the battlefield, Arthur ransoms him back
“Merlin!” Arthur exclaimed. “He wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the fighting!”

Back Seats are for Angels Only, by sparseparsley
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Castiel has an existential crisis in the back seat of the Impala, Dean talks to him
“Right, because we have such a close and, I’m sorry, weirdly intense friendship that I’m sure he’d be fine with that. Oh wait, that’s you.”

Straight and Narrow, by Ithildin
White Collar/M7, Ezra Standish visits Neal (cousins), part of a series
Neal threw back his head and laughed. Then he shook his head, saying, “It’s good to see you again, Ezra.”

Publicity, by astolat
AI RPS, Kris/Adam/Katy, Adam and Kris hook up for publicity, then have a threesome with Katy
“I’m going to buy you a new pair of shoes. Yes. Yes, exactly, the traditional thank-you-for-letting-me-make-out-with-your-husband present.”

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit, by lazulisong (Meg)
STR, the raising of Jim Kirk, Vulcan OC (Sakel)
“Then I will go to the department head and tell them, I believe the term is, ‘a touching story’ about the bond among us all, the last of the Kelvin crew, and your language sets.” Sakel doesn’t even have the grace to look smug about cornering Jim like this.

So Wise We Grow, by captanddeastar
STR, Kirk/Spock, Spock adopts T’Pring’s son, co-parenting with Jim
“Commander Spock, we have located your son.”

Safe and Warm, by no_detective
SGA, John/Rodney/Radek, post-fixing alien tech offworld, relaxing and bonding
“Closest thing to vacation I’ve had in this galaxy,” he said, and Radek had to agree: the Norelian world is beautiful.

half of it is innocent, by thoracopagus
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, mob family AU, Merlin and Arthur run a bake sale and run from gun-toting thugs
If Uther had just out and told Merlin that half the job would be afternoons in the kitchen, his mother bustling about brightly and the smell of baking and warmth filling their small house, he’d have given in a lot sooner.

Mian He, Ahjuma, Hangul Mal Mullayo, by dsudis
The Mentalist, Jane/Cho, Cho takes Jane to meet his parents
“I just realized I always talk about you in English to my parents.”

You Must Remember This, by seperis
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, slightly creepy, Arthur gets caught up with Bacchus and the Maenads
“Oh, you are kidding me. It couldn’t be like, dragons or something easy? How do you find these things?”

Acidimia, by sheafrotherdon
SGA, John/Rodney, John is made into a Runner, Rodney searches for him, leaving packs on various planets
This is Rodney’s handwriting, Rodney’s note, Rodney’s attempt to say ‘I’m looking, I swear.’

the three-day theory is getting old, by onthecontrary and propaganda
SGA, John/Rodney/Radek, Rodney gets them booted out of a White House function, they find a limo and each other
His eyes wandered over John’s shoulder as he launched into what Beckett called John’s “no, really, I truly love my country despite never wanting to live there again” speech.

untitled fic, by longsufferingly
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, Hardison calls a meeting to talk about his feelings, silly
Parker raises her hand. “I don’t relate well to other people’s feelings. May I be excused?”

Not a Laughing Matter, by infernallysly
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, crack!fic, Merlin’s love potion turns Arthur into a girl
Merlin consulted his magic book, carefully combining the ingredients in a small cauldron (because all the mixing bowls had disappeared or something).

Making a Point, by lcacbc (BingeB)
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, modern AU, Merlin, Arthur, & Morgana at a dance club, then Merlin and Arthur in an alley
Merlin laughed. “You know he just likes the attention.”

Accessories, by halcyon_shift
White Collar/Leverage, Peter and Mozzie go see Hardison about the ankle tracker
“I bet, middle of the night, you wake up and you’re all ‘the Cylons are coming, the Cylons are coming!’”

when come back bring pie, by liviapenn
Leverage, Eliot/Hardison/Parker, Eliot hosts Thanksgiving at his place
Eliot scoffed. “If I’m gonna be cooking a multiple-course dinner for two, someone better be either dead or puttin’ out at the end of the night, s’all I’m sayin’.”

Flood, by enjambament
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Camelot floods and everyone goes to Tintagel for a while, UST and the potato storeroom
Of all the people that Merlin could be in love with, there are worse ones to pick than Arthur Pendragon.

Different perceptions, by gonrie
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Uther’s POV on Arthur and Merlin’s relationship
Uther frowns because his son is hiding a smile behind his hand, his eyes mischievously meeting his manservant’s; they seem to have forgotten both their place as well as their status.

Blood, by cat_77
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, a sorcerer possesses Merlin, Arthur uses blood control against him, short
“What can you possibly hope to gain from this?” Arthur demanded in exasperation.

The Domestication of Shawn Spencer, Psychic Detective, by duck_killer
Psych, Shawn/Carlton, Shawn helps with paperwork and Carlton asks him to move in (not as funny as that makes it sound)
Carlton refused to be impressed by the psychic’s ability to read the caller ID.

Shadows of Truth, by cat_77
Merlin, OT4-ish, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, & Morgana are kidnapped and have to escape
“We’re stuck in a cart, half blind and half injured with no idea where we are or if a rescue is forthcoming. I daresay it is not good, my lady,” he offered.

Fire of Heaven, by trinityofone
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Mary Winchester figured things out way back, an alternate look at Dean as Michael’s “vessel”
“Well?” he demands, and Zachariah actually wibbles. “Zap me down there already. I’ll take care of this myself.”

Little Slices of Death, by toestastegood
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, future!fic, King Arthur forces Merlin to leave the castle and then can’t sleep
Arthur wishes he’d never told him. There are certain things that are best kept secret, especially from newly coronated kings.

Leicester Square, by social_retard86
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, sequel (works fine on its own), Merlin goes to a film opening with Arthur
“To be honest, I was going to gatecrash but then I realised that I’m blatantly having more fun than you are.”

Repeat Offender, by seperis
STR, Kirk/Spock, Spock bails Kirk out of jail when he goes back to Iowa to settle things
“Yeah, no, we’re not playing analyze the human for fun and profit tonight, thanks. Either get me out of here or get the hell out and I’ll figure this out for myself.”

Hold Nothing Back (From You), by carolinecrane
Castle, Ryan/Esposito, figuring out a relationship that’s complicated in *so* many ways
What bothers Esposito about Ryan changes depending on the day and his mood, but right now the big ones are Ryan’s tie, Ryan’s crush on Castle, and Ryan’s new girlfriend.

kissing meme ficlet, by moonythestrals
White Collar, Peter/Neal, Neal helps interview a little girl
Peter is really awkward with children, which makes absolute sense that Neal is fabulous with them.