Sex, Lies, and Audiobooks, by RaeWhit
HP, HP/SS, ten years after Dumbledore’s death, his will calls Severus and Harry together again (house in Scotland)
“I just hope this isn’t one of Albus’ shenanigans. Too much to hope, I suppose.”

In Theory, by Dementordelta and Cruisedirector
HP, HP/SS, post-book7battle, Lucius Malfoy tells Harry Snape is still alive and begs for his help to save Draco
“Only a fool would believe that Severus is as easy to kill as that.”

The Betrothal Contract, by leela
HP, HP/SS, to inherit the Black estates, Harry has to marry Snape
“You are granted six months to complete the betrothal contract between the Head of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and the current Head of the Prince family, Severus Tobias Adrastus Prince Snape.”

The Snidget, by sinick and ac1d6urn
HP, HP/SS, starts very dark, Voldemort wins, Snape becomes Headmaster and adopts a tiny bird as a familiar, happy ending!
All Snape could think was, *It’s over.*

If Only, by jadzialove
HP, HP/SS, when Snape almost dies in book 7, he is faced with a choice, and a glimpse of what might have beens
Dying was rather more painful than Severus had expected.

Palimpsest, by innie_darling
SPN, Sam, Dean, & Castiel go to an amusement park for the day and play in bumper cars
“I would not wish to disturb the symmetry of this park,” Castiel said, but with enough teeth showing that Dean was maybe sixty percent sure that it was less a refusal and more a really tame joke.

Living Vicariously, by debbiel
SPN, Sam sees dead people, and it’s SPN, so it’s kind of sad, but ultimately about forgiveness
It’s what Dean likes the least about having to save the world – wading through the bureaucracy.

One Last Night On Earth, by northatlantic
STR, Spock/Uhura, back on Earth, the crew deals with what happened, separately and together
Because we all brought them back with us, in the things we remember about them, the things we love, and that’s only gone if we bury it.

What You Want (I’ll Take It), by Rana Eros
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, classic heat!fic, Max’s trust issues keep tripping her up
She’s not making sense to herself, that’s how much he messes her up.

Liberty Challenged, by angelgazing
Psych, Gus/Shawn, sometimes Gus wants a new best friend, but only sometimes
“How was I supposed to know they’d go crazy and kidnap us and keep us prisoner in their grandmother’s house in the woods?” Shawn asks. It would have been a very valid and logical point, if it had come from anyone who wasn’t Shawn.

Snowstorms and Other Forces of Nature, by nestra
Sports Night, Dan/Casey/Dana, a snowstorm leads to a power outage leads to everyone in the same bed
“I am trapped in your apartment, I have no shoes, and I have the worst hangover I’ve had since college. I’m stealing eight pairs of your socks.”

Now We Are Sixteen, by athousandwinds
Narnia, a day in the lives of the Pevensies as kings and queens of Narnia, kinda sad
The day was still dark when Peter rose, grey morning light streaking across the sky.

Coffee, by psychodeathwish
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, short, modern AU, Merlin works at a coffee shop
Gwen snorted, louder than she’d meant to. “Coffee always means something,” she said.

We Go Together, by exoticrooftile
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of Grease, everyone’s a boy, and they talk like they’re in a musical
“So tell us about this summer, Arthur. Hanging down at the beach. Was he good?”

I Still Have Your Face (Painted On My Heart), by thisissirius
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of Gone in Sixty Seconds, Merlin and Arthur steal cars and have a history together
She dropped the phone into the tray between the seats and glanced at Arthur. “They have Lancelot.”

A Change, by Stealth Dragon
SGA, team Sheppard is back at the SGC recovering after being captured and tortured, Sam sees how Rodney has changed
It was as though McKay’s sarcasm actually had a calming effect, at least for Colonel Sheppard.

Radiant Under Every Sort of Light, by zarah5
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, circus AU, Merlin wants to join the Uther Pendragon’s circus
“If you want an autograph,” Arthur tells him, “you’ll have to buy it at the merchandise caravan. I think they’re five pounds.”

The Twin Thrones, by eos_rose
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (film), with lots of added UST
Arthur swallowed thickly, staring blindly across the room at the elaborate wardrobe dominating the far wall.

An Ocean Blue, by inane_rational
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, Arthur is the son of a crime boss whose empire is collapsing, he takes prostitute!Merlin with him when he flees the country

starts when you’re around, by staraflur
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, executive!Arthur signs up to get kidnapped
Arthur googles the name quickly, and the first thing that comes up is a Guardian article about “executive kidnapping services.”

A Very Magical Kidnapping, by Deastar
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, funny fairytale AU, wizard!Adam kidnaps prince!Kris
“It’s really nothing personal,” the guy explains to Kris, looking kind of apologetic. “I have nothing against you. I’m sure you’re a lovely couple, you and Princess What’s-her-name.”

While My Guitar Gently Weeps, by danse_amore
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, post-Idol, Kris figures out what he wanted all along, Katy helps
He sets the guitar back in its case and closes it, resisting the urge to re-read the note still taped to the lid.
Part 2/2

As I Hesitated, Time Rushed Onwards Without Me, by meri_sefket
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of Grosse Pointe Blank, Merlin left Camelot & became an assassin, returns 5 years later
He could not help but think how different his life would have been if he stayed in Camelot.

Even Educated Fleas Do It, by ravenflight21
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur gets shot by a magical arrow & falls in love with everybody
“I *knew* you shouldn’t have killed a white deer,” Merlin muttered.

To The Rescue, by silkmoth101
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin gets beaten up and Arthur saves the day
And of course, the moment Uther had left the castle things had begun to go pear-shaped.

Fifteen Things You Should Remember While Part Of A Massive Government Conspiracy, by lannamichaels
TW, funny “reaction” fic to CoE, 15 tongue-in-cheek lessons
1. Do not bite off more than you can chew.

Hit Them With a Shoe, by anonymous
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin’s magic starts doing things for Arthur on its own (polishing armor, tucking him in, etc.)
Ever since that day on the Isle of the Blessed, Merlin’s magic had been a bit, well. Strange was about the best word for it.

To Possess the Habitation of Your Soul, by rotrude
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, post 2.01, Cornelius tries to lure Merlin into a dream world, Arthur follows
There was a memory that wanted to poke through, something he knew he had to do but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember what it was.

Asunder, by rageprufrock
SPN, Dean/Castiel, WIP, based on The Wedding Date, socialworker!Dean and pediatrician!Castiel
“Oh my God,” he says instead, when he pulls to a stop at the the nurses station. “What the hell are you wearing.”

And I’m Hungry Like The… Thing, by liviapenn
Psych, xover with due South, Shawn thinks Gus wants Dief to be his new partner
“I don’t really want the wolf to be my new partner, Shawn. Why would I want a wolf as my new partner?”

Background Noise, by seperis
STR, Kirk/Spock, snippet, Kirk recovering from a bad injury
Jim knows his ship, but Spock knows Jim; the crew may indulge him, but they protect him too, looking away as he passes.

Fluency, by rageprufrock
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin tends Arthur’s injuries post ep 2.01
“You weren’t being replaced, Merlin,” Arthur tells him, soft but without any hesitation.

Strange and Changing, by dizzydame
TW/DW, Jack/Ianto, AU, Ianto travels with the Doctor after Canary Wharf, meets Martha and Jack
The Doctor sighs, one hand on a glowing panel of the ship. He says quietly, under his breath, “What are you up to, old girl?”

Just a Game, by toestastegood
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin takes orders for an afternoon
When he looks over his shoulder, Arthur is watching with wide, surprised eyes.

City of a Thousand Wonders, by astolat
AI RPS, Adam/Kris, supernatural-y, Adam finds out that Kris fights demons, a little creepy but not like House of the Living
“So after this—what are you going to be doing?”

Pull, by marzilla
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, based on the movie Push, people have special powers, Merlin’s on the run from the Pendragons
Being hunted since childhood by a covert government agency with busy dissection labs did not lend itself to a sense of peace and well-being.

Celebrations, by i_claudia
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, a comparison of Arthur and Merlin’s birthdays through the years
“Will my father visit me on my birthday?” he asks a few weeks later, when his mother has her hands full with the butter churn and can’t box his ears.

The Wages of Gossip, by srin
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin discovers Gwen’s relationship with Morgana, Arthur tries to figure out what’s going on
“I think I would have noticed if I was shagging the king’s ward, yes!” / “I don’t know, you’re a bit dim, and women can be very confusing…”

Homeward Bound, by Jain
XMen, post-X2, Logan goes after Scott when he takes off to Alkali Lake
“Does your truck mean so much to you that you actually have to chase him to Virginia for it?”

In the Beginning, by cyndrarae
XMen, retelling of first movie, if Scott had gone North to convince Logan join the team, WIP, 1st person POV
The Professor knew I was leaving. Jean didn’t.

These Fragments, Against Ruin, by lysapadin
XMen, Logan/Remy, post-Origins, if Logan had gone with Remy at the end of the movie
One of the first things he learns about himself is that he hates flying.

Twenty Random Facts about Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, by penknife
XMen, post-X2, see title
7) There is a schedule of assigned chores for students and staff taped to the wall in the kitchen.

All of the Animals, by Jane St. Clair
XMen, Logan/Scott/Jean, post-first movie?, dark, angsty, Jean’s attracted to Logan and sends Scott to have sex with him
The first thing he can remember about Jean is her voice.

I Wrote Your Name Upon The Back Of My Hand, by paperclipbitch
XMen, Logan/Remy, post-Origins, Logan comes looking for answers
Remy thinks about his answer, and settles on: “You’ve said that before.”

Equilibrium, by kuriadalmatia
XMen, Logan/Remy, post-X2, Gambit comes to the mansion to help with security
Mutant Fight Rule #1: Never intrude on another mutant’s scuffle, especially a teenager who probably was just getting used to his or her powers.

How Merlin Was Asking For It, and One Way He Got It, by euphoric_aria
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, king!Arthur and sorcerer!Merlin are bored at a feast
If such a thing were not unspeakably impolite and certainly unbecoming of a King, Arthur would have no qualms about calling to Merlin across the hall that he was bored to tears.

Four Ways Arthur Fails at Courting Merlin, and One Way He Doesn’t, by lavvyan
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, just what the title says, short and silly
Thing is, Arthur hasn’t the faintest idea how one would go about courting a sorcerer.

Laws of Attraction, by christycorr
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, based on movie of the same name, Merlin & Arthur as divorce lawyers who wind up married
Merlin Emrys had strong convictions on the subjects of love and marriage—namely, that they should be avoided at all costs.

Paraphrase, by rageprufrock
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, response to Intoxicating, office!smut, twist ending
“Merlin,” Arthur says, barely looking up from the stack of documents on his desk, “come here, please.”

Intoxicating, by cherrybina
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin and Arthur have drunken sex, established relationship smut
It’s late into the night, and they’re sitting at the table in Arthur’s room talking, because Merlin thinks it’s important that they share all the things that have ever happened as far back as they can each remember, and Arthur goes along with it mostly because saying yes to Merlin is a lot more fun than saying no.

Silence Will Hide, by morcalivan
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of The Covenant, didn’t make as much sense without knowing the movie
Merlin didn’t like being ignored, which was probably the number one reason Arthur kept doing it.

Fall, by rageprufrock
SPN, Dean/Castiel, after everyone moves on to the “live happily ever after” part, Dean is jealous of pumpkin spice
Ann Arbor got the memo it was fall about a week ago, and ever since the entire town’s been going fucking nuts over it.
(Note: My brain switched the words around and I started reading this fic thinking that line read, “Ann Arbor got the message it was about to fall a week ago…” Needless to say, it wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was totally wonderful.)

The Ten Commandments Don’t Apply to Angels, by sam_storyteller
SPN, Dean/Castiel, Castiel travels with Sam and Dean after he falls
Okay, fine, whatever,” Dean says. “You’re in a human body. You gotta do human stuff.”

Differences of Opinion, by entangled_now
Psych, Shawn/Carlton, Shawn and Lassiter are staying in a hotel together, first they fight, then have sex
“I’m not feeling good psychic vibrations from this room,” Shawn says carefully.

Desperado, by cenori
Psych, Shawn flirts with Lassiter after “High Noon”
“Oh come on, man, really?” Shawn put his beer down just so he could turn and give Gus as incredulous a look as possible.

Desperate Measures, by phreakycat
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin tries a new spell to end his attraction to Arthur, and it goes wrong
His foul mood must be noticeable, because as the seventh day of Merlin’s misery progresses, Arthur seems to be taking extra delight in taunting him.

untitled fic, by alroy789
STR, Spock/Kirk, drawn out hand!porn, Kirk starts wearing gloves
Of course, things were never that simple. Especially when James T. Kirk was involved.

Camelot’s Sweethearts, by marianna_oconnor
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of America’s Sweethearts, overworked!pining!Merlin is oblivious!Arthur’s PA
Merlin was best known for being ‘that guy with the sticky-out ears who lurks in the back of photos’, if he even got that much recognition.

Within Your Heart, by rose_walker22
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Arthur’s the beast, Merlin is Belle (with magic!)
So the spell hadn’t quite turned out how he had wanted… well, not what he’d wanted at all.

Caught, by silkmoth101
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin saves Arthur, reveals his magic, Arthur shouts a lot, lies to his father, shenanigans, the end
“Merlin, you can open your eyes now, I know you’re awake!”

For Worse or For Better, by anna_zee
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of The Proposal, Arthur needs to get married to stay in the country
Arthur had gone through fourteen different assistants in his first two years in New York.

Habit of Yours, by dragonzmagic
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of Enchanted (sort of), Nimueh sends Merlin from Avalon to Camelot
Once upon a time in a land known as Avalon there lived an evil priestess known as Nimueh…

Kings Don’t Always Need Advice (And Particularly Not This Much), by mariamme
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, retelling of the Princess Diaries 2, Merlin’s the prince, Arthur’s still a prat
“So long as the law stands, you are required to comply, or the crown will be forfeit.”

Unknown Variable, by mariamme
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin and Arthur fail to communicate for *decades,* leading to misunderstandings and angst
There had always been more between them than was wise.

Heatwave, by seperis
DS, Fraser/RayK, a heatwave coincides with a catnapping ring
In theory, it should be a whole lot funnier than it is.

Five Secrets Merlin Knows About Arthur, by ras_elased
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, just what the title says
Arthur likes to think he’s good at concealing things.

Bad Circulation, My Ass, by clarify
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, short, Arthur’s overheated, Merlin’s cold
He was hot and cranky, his armor heavy and all but baking him alive, and he didn’t have his sword because Merlin was doing gods knew what with it, and gods, he was hot.

Tussle Over Easy, by harlequin
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur wants to mix it up in the bedroom
‘What if…’ Arthur murmured. ‘What if it wasn’t inevitable?’

Building a Bridge, by berusama
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, Arthur meets Merlin while he’s doing something illegal to get back at Sophia
It’s possible his logic was flawed. He hadn’t been thinking straight since he’d found out, and he could admit that now.

Hail the Conquering Hero, by ravenflight21
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, silly, rumor spreads after a servant sees Merlin & Arthur together, Merlin’s the “hero”
“I trust you slept well, sire,” said Sir Robert. And several people sniggered.

Force of Nature, by srin
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, HP flashback!, Merlin is a magical creature that goes into heat
He found Gaius’s workroom empty, though there seemed to be more than the usual number of open books spread around the place.

Conscience, by anonymous
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, Arthur meets Merlin and mistakenly thinks he has a terminal illness
He considered giving an empty excuse, blaming work or traffic, but Morgana had a way of knowing when he was lying.

elevator elevator take me home, by aerowank
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, odd, really!neurotic!Arthur keeps meeting Merlin in the elevator of his building
The problem with Arthur’s apartment is that out of the four elevators in the building, two are closed for repairs.

More Than Just Pillows, by cherrybina
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, modern AU, Arthur buys pillows, & it’s a lot like saying I love you
“We’re not living together,” Arthur says, rolling his eyes. “He has a key. He stays over some nights.”

Blue Shirt, by miakun
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur gives Merlin a blue shirt, short
“You’re giving me your shirt,” Merlin narrows his eyes at Arthur and wonders where the trick in this is.

A Lot Like Life, by shinybug
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur finally figures out why no one will sleep with him (hint-it’s Merlin’s fault)
He liked to think of himself as an observant person and a good judge of character, which was necessary in a future king, but he had to admit that he had been rather blindsided by the force of nature that was Merlin.

The Last Hail Mary You’ll Ever Need, by chase_acow
SGA, John/Rodney, AU, spacepirate!John meets Rodney in Pegasus, eventually winds up on Atlantis
“Why do I get the feeling that my life just became a lot more complicated?”

You Say (That’s Not an Answer), by Seperis
DS, Fraser/RayK/Victoria, dark bank-robber AU, with everyone as crazy as that would imply
But then, on the scale, most of what Fraser does falls into what the fuck territory, from the fact he spends three quarters of his time reading and the rest evenly split between planning jobs and being actively insane, to the weirdness that is Victoria and Fraser in the same room.

My Home and Native Land, by copperbadge
SGA, Ronon bonds with Chuck over mission reports and gun twirling, Canadians are awesome
“Canadian, yeah. Try not to judge us based on Rodney McKay,” Chuck added with a grimace. “This…” he tapped the flag with a finger, “It’s our national symbol. It’s a leaf.”

That One Time with the Alien, by sheeana
STR/House, Spock ends up in 2009 being treated by Gregory House, Kirk comes to rescue him
“I’m telling you, you want to take this case!” Cameron told him, exasperated. “At least listen to what it is!”

Merlin Emrys and the Totally Gay TriWizard Tournament, by twentysomething
Merlin/HP, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur competes in the TriWizard tournament, Merlin has a lot of awkward conversations
Merlin thinks he was pretty much buggered from that point on, because all he had thought in that instant between “Well, that explains a lot,” and his mother hugging him, was “I am going to get made fun of so much at wizard school.”

Legal Alien, by esama
Stargate/Harry Potter xover, Harry/clone!Jack (Jonathan), Jon meets Harry and Teddy, goes to Atlantis, plot follows
It wasn’t like he could go back with what ever he could now learn and do it all over again, no way in hell.

There, Wolf, by robling_t
TW, xover with Being Human, Andy becomes a werewolf and joins Torchwood 3
Ianto glanced up from the workstation as Gwen came charging brightly up the stairs. “Jack says you owe him a fiver. Last night’s *was* a werewolf.”

Together by Demand, by shinchansgirl
SGA, John/Rodney, AU, Rodney demands the SGC find him a husband as a condition of working on Atlantis, 3 stories
Kate sighed. “Is there anything you’d like to talk about?” / John bit his lip. Then he blurted out: “I don’t know how to be gay.” / Kate smiled. “I think you’re doing just fine.” / Which, really, wasn’t an answer to anything.

The Sum of its Parts, by jbmcdragon
STR, Kirk/Spock, amnesia!Kirk and hurt!Spock on the run from their alien captors, WIP
A question swam up from the murky depths. “What’s the T stand for?”

The Truth of the Matter, by jbmcdragon
STR, Kirk/Spock, truth serum fic, Spock ends up high on alien truth drugs
“I don’t like being here,” Spock chimed in from the corner. He was still staring at the ceiling as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world.

Head Squatter, by jbmcdragon
STR, short, Kirk and Spock share headspace — and quarantine — after a mission gone wrong
“You know,” Kirk said aloud, just to hear someone’s voice, “I’m really beginning to think that we shouldn’t go planetside together anymore.”

A New Dawn, by kuhekabir
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, reincarnation AU, rich people act in semi-psychotic ways, soap opera-y
Arthur awoke with a gasp, the words still echoing strongly in his mind. He could practically see it – ebony hair, startling blue eyes and just ‘something about you Merlin’…

Five People Who Loved Spock, by corpus_invictus
STR, Kirk/Spock, T’Pring, his aunt, Kevin Riley, Uhura, Chapel, Kirk
“Surely you know more than one verse of that tedious song,” Spock grumbles as he dumps his roommate on his bed.

Homecoming, by corpus_invictus
STR, Kirk/Spock, Spock returns to the Enterprise after 6 weeks with a very touchy-feely culture
McCoy seems to understand that ‘back on the Enterprise’ is Spock-ese for ‘back home’ because the long-suffering look on his face shifts to something a little less gruff.

The North Tower, by mirandaoestre
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, outsider POV, Gavin brings the court sorcerer dinner
He hasn’t worked at the castle long, admittedly, and the man before him doesn’t look anything like Gavin’s idea of a sorcerer, but he’s in no doubt about who this is.

Five Times Colin Fell in Love with Bradley (the Bradley James version), by adelagia
Merlin RPS, Bradley tells a series of semi-truthful stories (see title)
“Anyway, someday our future children are going to want to know how we met, so I might as well practise, don’t you think?”

Hold the Front Page, by ravenflight21
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur’s a newspaper reporter investigating the company Merlin works for
He called up the corporate website and studied the home page: it showed a picturesque ruined castle, covered in creeping ivy and green moss, overwritten with the slogan: “Camelot: global destiny is our business.”

To Be Known, by sometimessophie (esohpe)
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur finds out about the magic (enchanted forest), trust issues
When it finally happens, it’s not what Merlin expects.

All the Laughter From Before, by waldorph
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin saves Arthur and Uther has him executed, but he comes back
“Well, if I’m going to die, I might as well save you one last time.”

Not Quite Mary Poppins, by claire_debonair
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, Arthur hires Merlin to be Gawain’s nanny
Gawain is five years old and the spitting image of his father, although with a much better set of manners.
Sequel: Not Quite Mrs. Banks Either, by claire_debonair

A Chuisle, by exlibris_tenisu
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin binds himself to Arthur to save Arthur’s life, Uther finds out, banishment, etc
It wasn’t a spell that Merlin knew; the words hadn’t been pre-planned or rehearsed.

2nd round of drabbles, by astolat
AI RPF, SPN, drabbles from various prompts for charity
Archie’s brow furrowed. “I don’t — I have a crush on Allison?” he sounded doubtful but willing to believe if David said so.

Into His Own, by sarcasticchick
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, post Questing Beast, Merlin ends up banished and walks the earth for a while
Funny how he’d never been able to lie to the King before when it was Arthur who needed the excuse.

Manwhore, by lilithilien
Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, Bradley is clueless, Colin is (not really) cryptic, they both figure it out eventually
And Bradley really doesn’t need this, especially from Colin who, if there’s anybody who should be called a … a manwhore, it’s Colin Morgan.

Accented, by antihysteric
Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, Bradley can’t understand anything Colin says & tries to fake it
Bradley should have known, though, that he couldn’t keep his linguistic difficulties a secret for long.

Getting to Yes, by moonythestrals
Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, 5 steps to a (semi) successful relationship
It was driving Bradley insane, and it manifested in the way how, in every scene they filmed together, Arthur looked like he either wanted to push Merlin up against a wall or punch him in the face.

The Lessons of Murphy, by franticsga
Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, Colin is just like a cat Bradley once had
“I thought I’d watch telly in here,” Colin murmured, and smiled up at him so sweetly that Bradley knew it had to be some sort of trick.

Two Weeks Notice, by ras_elased
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, a retelling of the movie “Two Weeks Notice” with Arthur and Merlin
“I’ll pay for the cleaning bill,” the idiot said, still waving his hands in some bizarre manner apparently meant to convey either ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I’m about to have a seizure.’ It was difficult to tell.

Bringing Up Baby, by oxoniensis
Merlin, Arthur takes care of a temporarily-turned-into-a-baby Merlin
He’d never admit it, but babies scare him a bit. They’re tiny and fragile looking and cry a lot, and he has absolutely no idea what to do with one.

What is Now Found, by shinetheway
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur faces the consequences of going after Merlin, sequel to Loss, and the Finding, by shinetheway, and Pendragon, by seperis
“Merlin,” he whispered, and Merlin stirred, very faintly. Not a morning person; but he’d already known that. “Wake up.”