Asymptote, by tahariel
STR, Kirk/Spock, the crew visits a planet where touching is prohibited, Spock realizes some things
Anticipation was not an emotion Spock had intended to allow himself to feel.

Weekends Away, by metonumia
Merlin/TW, Arthur/Merlin/Jack, Jack “investigates” Merlin and Arthur
Merlin looks down at Jack and his mouth quirks. “You want to talk about antiquity? You’re about sixty years late for that coat.”

untitled Castle fic, by fialka
Castle, Beckett gets shot, Castle deals (not a deathfic)
Here’s the thing about mornings: when you wake up, you have no idea if it’s going to be the last.

My Favorite Plum, by azephirin
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, it’s Alec’s birthday, Max cooks
Since she’s met Alec before, it’s not much of a surprise when his first words aren’t “thank you” or “you look beautiful,” but instead “You cooked?”

Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning), by amathela
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, Alec wants to be more than the pretend boyfriend
For someone trained in infiltration, subtlety has never really been his strong suit.

Four Consequences of the Unexpected and Unlikely Friendship Between James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura, by Tris B.
STR, Spock/Uhura, Kirk and Uhura are BFFs, complete with pigtail-pulling and shopping expeditions
“Bajoran marketplaces are famed for their bitchin’ earrings,” Jim noted.

A Long Way to a Terrible Joke, by rawles
STR, Spock/Uhura, Kirk finally asks how they got together, and gets an answer
“Spock, seriously. You and Uhura. How did that happen?”

The Love Boat, by chaletian
STR, gossip and hookups make the world go ’round
“I think it’s great that Starfleet doesn’t have non-fraternisation rules for starships.”

never my intention, by killabeez
SPN, Sam/Dean, after it’s all over, Sam disappears, Dean settles down, they meet two years later
The first two days afterwards, they didn’t speak more than a handful of words to each other.

Meeting at Infinity, by Lurky McLurklurk
DW/TW, Martha/Tom, reliving the year that never was, Reapers, project Indigo, alt!Master
“But it’ll be fun,” Tish insisted, as though repetition would make her position any more convincing — her favourite tactic in an argument since before Martha could remember.

A Wound in Time, by Sahiya
DW, 10/Jack/River Song, the empty ship that’s a time mine, reveal of Jack’s 2 missing years
Everything was fine, he told himself, and it wasn’t even much of a lie until they stopped moving for a few days.

A Year Out of Time, by the-silver-sun
TW, Ianto/Andy, Ianto and Andy during the year that never was
The world has gone nuts; it’s the only logical explanation.

The Case of That Time We Dressed Up Like Vikings and Infiltrated an Alien Pie Shop (Not Really), by Smercy
SJA, Clyde gets concussed (multiple times), orange aliens abound, Gordon’s not who he appears to be
After the very loud bang, Clyde opened his eyes, found that he was no longer flying through the air, and realized that he was stuck in a dumpster.

Scenes From a Time Travelling Life, by Nope
TW/DW, WEIRD, everything is real, but some things are more (or less) real than others
“Where to next, then?” the Doctor asked, sprawled out with his trainers resting on the console, tossing a cricket ball from hand to hand.

And Indeed There Will Be Time, by kaydee falls
TW/DW, aliens show up, Ianto meets Torchwood 4, 1918 was a crazy year, Donna and Martha cameo
Some days, Martha kind of hated her job.

Better Natures: Memory, by Gray Shadows
TW/DW/SJA, everyone shows up in Cardiff, Jack gets amnesia, Donna gets her memories back, Poosh-ians cameo
The woman snorted. “I thought as much. Donna Noble, Captain Harkness. Now. What the hell were those things?”

Guard Them, and Him Within, by etharei
TW, Ianto gets Rift-ed to the future, meets a Jack who doesn’t remember him, and fights in a war
Because this? Was definitely not the Hub.

Sing Morning Out of Night, by Copperbadge
TW/DW/SJA, the Doctor arrives on Earth, everyone goes looking for him, happy ending
There on the bare coast of Wales stood a blue box, marked POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX.

For Captain and Cardiff, by blackhemlock
TW/DW, Jack/Ianto, TW London captures the Doctor, Ianto springs him
“At midnight, a nationwide security alert was sent out… Torchwood London, demands all agencies’ cooperation in issuing an arrest warrant for Ianto Merric Jones, 24, of Cardiff.”

Just Wait For It, by seperis
Merlin, AU, xover with Smallville, Merlin and Clark look for Lex and Arthur in modern-day Metropolis
“Right,” Merlin answered in fascination, trying to look serious and not completely freaked out by the fact he thought this conversation sounded rather familiar–

Truth Breaks Forth, by grim_lupine
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, all the ways Arthur could have found out about Merlin’s magic
“Was that shocked enough for you, Merlin?”

Osmosis, by mithrel
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin’s magic gets transferred to Arthur
“Oh, one other thing,” Gaius said as they were leaving. “You might ask the dragon for advice.”

Five Times James T. Kirk Didn’t Get Married (And One Time He Did), by raphaela667
STR, Kirk/Spock, #1’s kinda sad, but I liked #6 a lot
“I’m not going to get you to marry me by having my mother kidnap you. It’s seems kinda unfair, doesn’t it?”
Sequel: Full Circle, by ashkitty

Five Things About Kirk That Surprise Spock, by general_public
STR, see title, kind of a lonely Spock POV
He’s never asked to lean on you before but it feels like this has happened, somehow, in another life and so many times.

Ink and Symbols, by anevivi
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, continuation of the tattoo artist AU
It was never a secret that Merlin remembers all times Arthur came into Avalon.

Brainstormed, by Kass
SGA, John/Rodney, if Rodney had taken John instead of Jennifer to the scientific conference on Earth
“The thing is, there’s this perception out there that, uh, I’m. . .” His voice trailed off. John waited. “A washout recluse,” Rodney said, finally.

Orchestration, by astolat
American Idol RPF, Adam/Kris, AU, Kris as substitute music teacher, Adam as drama teacher
“Well, I have clearly earned some very good karma somewhere,” the guy said, beaming at him, while the class all giggled quietly, and that was how Kris met Adam Lambert.

Symphony for Stars and Planets, by singingintime
STR, Kirk/Spock, band AU, Kirk plays trumpet, Spock plays violin, they’re picked to work on the Star Trek score
He’s dressed in jeans, converse, and a simple black t-shirt with a fermata and the words “Hold Me” emblazoned across it in white.

Gossip, by Lanaea
STR, Sulu and Chekov bond over gossip (about Kirk and Spock, mostly)
If Commander Spock had not either been revealed as a spy or as Kirk’s lover by the end of the month, Sulu won.

I Don’t Do Floors (The Rest is Negotiable), by danceswithgary
SGA, John/Rodney, AU retelling of that SciFi channel movie “The Librarian”
” When I said you needed to get back out into the real world, I really wasn’t encouraging you to commune with reindeer on the Russian steppes.”

Ten Sessions, by dsudis
STR, McCoy’s treatment for aviophobia, Kirk being supportive
“You’re the opposite of the twenty-three sessions guy! What’s not to be excited about?”

Unplanned Parenthood, by waketosleep
STR, kidfic!, Kirk and Spock are turned into kids, are adorable, and drive everyone crazy
In the end, Sulu and McCoy came up with a babysitting rota that was meant to both keep Jim and Spock under constant supervision and make everyone share the misery equally while the medical team worked on a cure.

Because the Simple Fact is, Love is Never Discreet, by le_culdesac
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk spends shore leave on Earth with Spock, they go to a grocery store
The whole point of shore leave was to give you enough time to miss your crew again.

Observer Effect, by bdeternity
STR, Kirk/Spock, Spock observes Kirk
A disproportionate number of their missions seemed to involve Kirk hanging off a ledge, platform, or cliff, Spock observed, as he recalled the circumstances behind the injuries.

Apparent Horizon, by crimsonclad
SGA, Sumner/Bates, sad, Sumner and Bates take advantage of the fact that things can’t get worse
It isn’t until he gets the manifest that Sumner figures out that Atlantis is a suicide mission.

Four Times Arthur Forced Himself to Resist Merlin (And One Time He Could Not, by nuttx
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, just what the title says
“Morgana,” repeated Arthur irritably. “She wanted me to see if you were better. Or something. I don’t know.”

A Thousand Different Skins, by tarayith
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin turns himself into a bunch of different animals
“Sorry…were you really just a deer?” / Merlin sighed, thinking it had probably been too much to hope that Arthur wouldn’t notice that bit.

Blue and Knobby, by ladycat777
SGA, Rodney has an allergic reaction off-world, team fic
John doesn’t get it, at first.
Sequel: Steps

The First Annual All-Atlantis Paper Airplane Competition, by pennyplainknits
SGA, John/Rodney, it’s raining & Elizabeth plans a ‘fun day,’ John wants Rodney on his team
It began with a bunch of scientists with cabin fever, and one of Elizabeth’s bright ideas.

Welcome to the Working Week, by liviapenn
SGA, future!fic, first person POV, newcomer to Atlantis is walked through the basics
It bugged me at first, but now I just feel weird when I’m not around the sound of the ocean.

Sign Language, by khriskin
SGA, how Atlantis might deal with the inevitable culture clash, short
It’s not ‘talk to the hand’ so much as ‘talk to the heart’ and she puts it into use immediately.

Pretty Baby, by arthurs_angel
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, AU, Merlin’s a midwife (& weepy), Morgana’s having a baby, Arthur’s hot
“Merlin, I am not giving you any more prisoners to look after,” said Gaia firmly. “Not after last time.”

What the Heart Wants, by terra_lilly
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk loves Spock but keeps it to himself, then Spock gets hurt on an away mission and finds out
Every once in a while Jim sees an echo of what they might have been in what they are and that’s good enough for him.

Starting Over (In the Same Place), by pogrebin
SGA, post-series, Atlantis is on Earth, weirding everyone out, and all they want to do is go home
Not this, though: the Atlanteans do not like shaking hands.

The Incestuous Courtship of the Anti-Christ’s Bride, by fleshflutter
SPN, Sam/Dean, Sam becomes the anti-Christ to save the world, Dean gets to be the wife
In the end, Castiel’s books come to thirty-one dollars, Ruby gets a true-crime book about John Wayne Gacy for twelve ninety-five, and Dean manages to talk the clerk into giving them the Kerouac for fifty cents.

Old Bones, by mhalachaiswords
Bones/TW xover, Jack investigates the Gormogon case & is Angela’s dad (or something), fairies are scary
“I’d forgotten how much you look like your mother.”

Stalked!, by rotrude
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur has a stalker, Morgana has a brilliant plan
In retrospect, he should have figured it out sooner, but frankly how was he supposed to know?

Do Not Use High Beams in Fog, by basingstoke
SGA, John/Rodney, Rodney breaks up with John because he keeps almost dying
And when the shock wave subsided, Rodney stalked up to him, hugged him angrily, then pointed his finger in John’s face and said, “We’re breaking up.”

Armistice, by basingstoke
SGA, post-Siege, Sheppard and Beckett can’t sleep, creepy dream-Atlantis cameo
The sedative was kicking in fast, but Sheppard still wasn’t sleepy. “I close my eyes and I’m still…”

Two Blocks Down, Turn to the Left, by basingstoke
comicverse, Daredevil/Spiderman, the two team up, then *team up*, melancholy in the end
“You must be Spider-Man. I’ve read about you.”

Purely Scientific Reasons, Of Course, by Zinnith
SGA, Rodney/John, AU, Rodney runs an adult toy store, John is a test pilot
It wasn’t that John was *lonely* per se.

No Moral High Ground, by never_walk
STR, Kirk/Spock, high school AU, Spock is kind of stalking Kirk, who sort of starts stalking him back
In fact, he doesn’t even realize that he’s started stalking his sorta-stalker until Spock’s friend, Uhura – what is her name? – pulls him into a corner when he’s en route to the locker room.

Anatomy Class with Captain Kirk, or, Everyone Has Boobs, Let’s Have a Party, by fortassetu
STR, Kirk/Spock, genderswap fic, see title
“Jim, seriously, pay attention,” Bones snaps, and Jim looks guiltily away from his friends’ breasts and pretends he’s busy.

Proving a Theory, by a_cook1
STR, Kirk/Spock, Kirk thinks Spock needs to let go, bondage fic
Jim watched Spock, who studiously ignored him.

blacking out the friction, by cascades
STR RPS, Zach/Chris, Chris likes to touch people
The point is— well, Zach doesn’t really know what the point is.

The worst of the truths are behind us, by godofwine
STR RPS, Zach/Chris, Chris is clueless
Zach takes a breath. “It doesn’t have to be hard,” he says.

A Logical Choice, by inavoue
STR, Spock/Kirk, Spock’s thoughts on love, his parents’ relationship, etc
His mother simply knew, and with no one else has he ever before wanted his feelings to be known.

Gone Fishing, by lamardeuse
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur takes Merlin on a camping trip
“Oh,” Merlin said, feigning nonchalance and being absolutely terrible at it, “well, I suppose I’d better come to protect you from bandits and fearsome beasts and such.”

Fame and Fortune, by melinusinahp
Merlin AU, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur as an actor in 1990s Hollywood, Merlin as a waiter
Honestly, what could be bad about looking at Arthur Pendragon’s pretty face for a few hours a day?

Home Truths, by lamardeuse
Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, Bradley and Colin after the Soccer Six match
As he tiptoes his way into Colin’s quiet flat, it further occurs to him that he might be blowing this entire thing completely out of proportion.

Freedom, by claddagh_girl
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, short, Merlin magics the dragon so it’s tiny and can fly around the forest
In the beginning the dragon is disturbed by his size, furious that his actions are inconsequential in this form.

Bareback Riding, by egorio
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, shenanigans on horseback, silly smut
The dragon was clearly full of remorseless, homoerotic-biased lies.

Filial Piety, by corpus_invictus
STR, Kirk/Spock, Spock is called home to help “propagate the species,” established K/S
And here it is, the moment Kirk has been dreading for years.

Shoot First, Apologize Later, by dsudis
TW, Jack/Ianto, Jack and Ianto end up in jail after a misunderstanding, Jack apologizes
“I’m really sorry,” Jack repeated, when Ianto had done eight lengths of the cell without looking at him.

To Have and to Hold, by ravenflight21
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur has to get married (and picks Merlin by accident)
“You will marry Merlin,” the king announced. Arthur’s jaw dropped.

Diving, by screamlet
STR, further shore leave adventures, follows Discount Shot Night
“So what *did* you and the captain do last night?”

Wider Than the Sky, by i_claudia
Merlin/Serenity xover, WIP, Merlin/Arthur, prologue of a WIP set in the Serenity-‘verse
Just once, Arthur reflects, he would like to have a day that was not full of idiots and frustration.

the one where Commander Spock points out the truth, by Rin-chan (translated by snowlight)
STR, Spock tells Starfleet he and Kirk are married
“This is ridiculous.”
Sequel: As All Rivers Return to the Ocean

It’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your First Officer is?, by shinealightonme
STR, Spock’s not sure why everyone’s so amused
“I cannot hazard a guess as to what might be the motivation for their uncharacteristic behavior.”

Fight to Win, by alllbutwon
STR, Kirk/Spock, Uhura POV, Kirk hates to lose
Uhura thinks that maybe this is why they defeated Nero; the plan was so damn outrageous, it could not fail.

The Human Heart, by jenlynn
STR, Kirk/Spock, a transporter accident temporarily makes Spock all human
“The reports of your demise were greatly exaggerated I can see,” Jim said with a smile as he approached Spock and McCoy.

When They Have to Take You In, by vampychick
STR, sequel to Earth Kids Are Assholes, Spock visits his relatives on Earth after Vulcan is destroyed
“What happened to your neck?” Brad blurts out. “Did a Romulan do that?”

Four Things Nero Changed, and One He Didn’t, by kayim
STR, Gary Mitchell, Chekov, Spock/Uhura, Vulcan-Romulan treaty, McCoy’s divorce
Spock had known from the start that any relationship with a cadet would be an illogical course of action.

Out of Time, by kagedtiger
STR, Kirk/Spock, sequel to Future Bliss, Spock goes through pon farr
“You really cannot do anything without making a scene, can you?”

Future Bliss, by kagedtiger
STR, sequel to Past Sorrows, Present Joy, Spock deals with the loss of T’Pring
“That wasn’t just me, right?” he asked, joining her in staring at the unconscious Spock. “That was really weird?”

Past Sorrows, Present Joy, by kagedtiger
STR, Kirk mindmelds with Spock Prime again
For a few moments it was all he could do to sort his own thoughts from those that had invaded his mind.

Ink and Dragons, by anevivi
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, AU, Merlin as tattoo artist, Arthur gets a dragon tattoo
“Look,” he said, actually meeting Arthur’s eyes for the first time. “I can’t tattoo you when you’re drunk.”

corpus_invictus’ ST XI fic, by corpus_invictus
STR, Kirk/Spock, multiple stories written for the st_xi kink meme
“I hate both of you, but that was fucking fascinating. Bones.”

“geoffrey of monmouth was a liar, but that’s okay”, by mclachland
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin compares having magic to having a chest cold
The thing about magic is that it’s a lot like chest congestion.