2009 Story Links

One of my goals in 2009 is to make better use of the wide variety of stuff you can (I’m guessing) do with WordPress. Perhaps this can help me to better track the fics I read, instead of dumping them all on my hard drive and then having to go to storyfinders to find them again.

1/28/09 Update: It turns out that one of the beautiful things about the internet is anonymity. In other words, there’s some fics that — having finished them, of course — even I am ashamed to have read. Or that I don’t feel really counted as fics. Or that were *so* bad I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from mocking if I linked to them, which would make me feel bad for being mean. So. These are lists of *close* to all the fics I’ve read, but not, perhaps, a true 100% accounting.

2/10/09 Update: I’ve said this before, but feel the need to reiterate — clear my conscience, so to speak. These lists include title, author, fandom, and any other information I feel like I might want later. I don’t include warnings or ratings — authors do a beautiful job providing those themselves.

3/30/09 Update: Archive of Our Own is an amazing site, and I love it, but I feel I should note: that “E” in their rating system? Doesn’t stand for Everyone. E=Explicit. Yeah, didn’t catch that one in time.

5/26/09 Update: Okay, so am I the only one who didn’t know there was significance to whose name came first in the pairing tag? ::facepalm:: I’ve just been, you know, doing whatever was easier to type quickly. So if you clicked through expecting something you didn’t get, sorry about that. I’ll, uh, try to make more of an effort? Now that I know?

11/30/09 Update: Right, November. NaNoWriMo month. So, I spent the month writing (when I wasn’t procrastinating) and *Andrea and I switched journals, so she got to post here all month while I was not actually posting much of anything over on her journal, and instead of keeping up on a semi-day-by-day basis for my reading links, I just bookmarked everything to post after I was done novel-writing. I’ve got to say, that’s looking like a less awesome decision right now, but I’m going to give it a go. No order to the November links whatsoever, chronological or otherwise.

12/31/09 Update: A year’s worth of fics! I do recognize that I’m running a version of WordPress so old that I *can’t* actually update my theme, and run the risk of losing all my delightful links to obsolescence. I’m going to try not to let that happen, whether via some intervention from technologically-minded friends, or a possible backup to hard drive or delicious page. New year, new goals, new fic!