jotted this down followed by ‘WHAT?!???’

Yesterday, my workplace offered a 30-minute presentation about how things are going. It was one of those ‘chill at your desk and log in online to hear the presenter / see their screen’ kind of deals, and it was optional, but why not?

About halfway through, we were treated to this:

Yes, that’s a lion, with the text ‘Everyone wants to be a beast’ at the top, and the text ‘Until it’s time to do what real beasts do’ at the bottom.


That’s weird, right? I’m baffled. My coworker told me it was not weird, and it means we are supposed to work hard. That’s — definitely not what I got out of it.

I know I tend to take these things waaaaay too literally, but I’m genuinely confused. I don’t want to be a beast! And I don’t know what real beasts do, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want that either! I am still scratching my head over this. What do real beasts do???

But WAIT! The BEST part of this whole thing is that the very next slide was a picture of a baseball player screaming, with the text, “Winning as a team is the greatest feeling there is.”


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