workaday Thursday

Yesterday afternoon I wound up in a very long meeting, at which my presence was necessary for perhaps 10 minutes. (Which is fine. Sometimes it’s good to be minimally involved.)

But it’s standard in my workplace to bring your computer with you to meetings (in case you need to look something up, of course! definitely not so you can check email!), so I had the magical entertainment box in front of me the whole time.

And, unfortunately, a non-sympathetic executive sitting to my right. (Not directly to my right, though — there was an empty seat between us. Personal space bubbles are Very Large at work.) Which led me to the following ponderings:

*How much can I reduce the brightness and angle the screen the opposite way from which we’re all looking before it becomes super obvious that I’m doing so?

*What non-work-related tabs are likely to be the most recognizable, and therefore the most important to avoid?

*How good is that executive’s vision???

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