winter plants update

Just moved one of the purple shield cuttings out of water and into soil yesterday; keeping my fingers crossed it will do well there. I still have one purple shield cutting that’s doing the rooting thing in water and looking pretty good (thought not quite as robust as its friend), and one iresine cutting in water that I’m withholding judgement on (there are some roots? but leaves are also falling off? hard to say, really).

So currently the winter garden has:

1 purple shield just put in soil
1 purple shield in water
1 iresine cutting in soil (which may or may not be alive)
1 iresine cutting in water (seems like the best bet so far)
2 kiwi fern coleus in soil that I’m probably over-watering

These join the two aloe plants and the spider plant that stay indoors year-round. And we’ve had enough cold nights that the balcony plants are finished for the year. Go winter plants, go!

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