I went to the grocery store last night, as one does, and I got some swiffer dry cloths, because 1) I had a coupon, and 2) they are A+ for sweeping up after a haircut.

And of course the cleaning supplies aisle in the store is very strongly scented, so when I got a whiff of ‘cleaning aisle smell’ as I loaded groceries into my car, I figured the box of cloths had just absorbed some of it by sheer proximity. When the smell seemed to be stronger when I was unloading, I became suspicious, and inspected the box more carefully.

Alas, I was dismayed to find myself in possession of SCENTED dust wipes. WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING? I genuinely had no idea that such a product existed, or I would have checked much more carefully in the store.

Anyway, I sure have learned me a thing. Never assume that just because there is no logical reason for a thing to be scented, that it won’t be anyway!

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