fake it till you make it

A while back, my boss asked if I could stay late. It was already 4:30 in the afternoon by the time they asked, so I felt relatively justified in saying that I couldn’t. I had to leave right at 5, I explained. I had another commitment that couldn’t be shifted without more notice.

Also, it happened to be a Tuesday, which became important later.

Somehow, the next few Tuesdays were very busy at work, and I wound up having to duck out of a couple conversations when 5:00 rolled around. I had to leave right at 5, I explained. After all, it was Tuesday.

So by this point I’ve got it in my head (and out in the world) that on Tuesdays, I’ve got to get out the door right away. And I’ve used the same explanation multiple times, so I imagine this is due to some sort of weekly appointment, who knows? The key factor is selling it with confidence in the workplace. (This is what they mean by ‘lean in,’ right?)

ANYWAY. Along comes election day, which is — as luck would have it, ALSO A TUESDAY. And the company is offering us an extra hour of paid time off to go vote, which is pretty awesome, but it made me laugh a lot too, because the FIRST thing I thought when I read the email was, ‘Oh wow, that’s great — so important for people who have an after-work commitment. You know, like me.’

Which is a very long way of saying that I have the PERFECT excuse to leave work an hour early on voting day, and I am pretty excited about that. Way to go, past self!

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