I’m just saying

Oh, wow, Monday again, huh? Stuff I’m thinking about this morning:

*Since I usually do the grocery shopping on Thursday or Friday, that means there’s only one grocery trip left on this month’s budget, which is a Super Win.

*And should balance out the fact that I really want to do a second supplement order this month.

*I wonder if that hibiscus green tea with reishi is available online.

*As happy as I am to see that the raindrop is (for the moment) gone from Saturday’s forecast, I’m not entirely sure that the snowflake is better.

*My toes are cold, but if I get up and go get my slippers, it will be like admitting that I’m not “about to be done on the computer.”

*Can we please move Halloween earlier in the month? I get that it’s holding the line against Christmas, I really do, and I appreciate that. But having the month-focus-holiday on the last day is just inconvenient. (In other words, I want to take my Halloween decorations down by then, but it’s just weird to do it before the holiday has actually happened.)

*I suggest that we make Halloween a floating holiday and always celebrate it on the last Saturday of the month.

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