Doctor Who & Co.

Re: The Series 4 Pilot (first show, episode #1, whatever they’re calling it): Sad! Crying! Still, loved midshipman Alonzo (insert last name here — Frame? Frane? something like that). The shriek when he saw the hand in the door! Priceless! Also loved his miraculous healing abilities and the Tommy-in-the-Turbo-movie-parody style of first aid (“I’ve been shot in the side!” “Don’t worry, we’ll put your arm in a sling, and you’ll be all better!”)

Re: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Okay, either our TV Guide is wrong, wrong, wrong, or the Sci Fi Channel skipped an episode. I swear it was not listed last Friday, but we clearly watched episode two tonight. (Okay, this wasn’t clear at all from watching the show; I checked wikipedia for the scoop.) Despite this, I liked it! No blood! No tragic deaths! (Yet!) It’s too bad K9 isn’t going to be in it except for a tiny cameo (oh, how I love wikipedia!), but Sarah Jane has sonic lipstick! Ha! I love it! I would totally love to see her cross over with Torchwood and kick’s Jack’s ass.

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