not a fic rec

So the *next* Avengers movie, post-Infinity War, turns out to have a “secret” title (it’s everywhere, but here’s one article). The whole thing is pretty clickbait-y, but it’s also an excellent opportunity for jokes.

It’s a spoiler, right? Some suggestions:

*Avengers: Obviously The World Doesn’t End In Infinity War Because We Have A Bunch More Movies Planned

*Avengers: New Avengers, Who Actually Have Something To Avenge This Time

*Avengers: We Can’t Afford The Old Actors And None Of Them Want To Do These Movies Anymore Anyway

*Avengers: We Finally Realized No One Cares About The Infinity Gauntlet

*Avengers: Statistics Showed Putting ‘Avengers’ In The Title Raised Revenue Regardless Of The Movie’s Content; This Is A Film About Butterflies

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