squash thoughts

Sometimes I wonder if I am Doing Cooking Wrong. I had a conversation at work about butternut squash that centered around how difficult it is to peel and cut. And I was all, ‘IDK it doesn’t seem too bad.’

And I’m not a big fan of peeling vegetables, so it’s not like I do a dance of joy every time. (Also, some butternut squash is Super Big and that’s — wow, a lot of squash.)

But the point is, I was all, ‘I mean, it’s not nearly as difficult as peeling and cutting up sweet potatoes.’ Because sweet potatoes are my kitchen nemesis. Far from the basically flat surface of a butternut squash, sweet potatoes are all uneven and lumpy and even once they ARE peeled, they’re hard to cut and they make the knife all orange and it’s not like you can do much with just one so you have to do it a bunch of times and it’s all just a Big Ordeal as far as I’m concerned.

Except my coworker looked at me like I was possibly confused, and said, ‘Really? Sweet potatoes?’

So now I’m Quite Suspicious that I am missing some secret solution to the potato problem.

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