Okay, I’m in love.

Why “White Collar” is eighty-billion-times-better than SGU:

1. After one episode, I already know five people’s names: Neal, Peter, Diana, Elizabeth, June. (That’s as far as I’ve with SGU, even after a bunch of eps: Eli, Dr. Rush, Col. Young, Telford, Scott. Also, note the gender breakdown there. Yikes.)

2. Style!win. The hat rocks. (Although, the turtleneck — no.)

3. The fanfic potential from the pilot alone is astounding. I want some right now! (How long until someone writes some completely awesome Neal/Peter/Elizabeth team-up-to-fight-crime-and-be-adorable-together threesome story?)

4. Smart people! Oh, how I missed you! Sure, Eli can plot a slingshot course around a planet, 99% of the time, he’s not doing that!

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