SGFAIL, Episode… 4?

So, I’m bored. And I’m pretty sure that’s not what the writers were going for. But the situation in the show hasn’t significantly changed since the first 30 seconds of the pilot, and it’s getting dull. Just more mortal peril, week after week.

“You all know our situation; it sucks. … It’s another bad day.”
-Colonel Young

Things to IGNORE In This Episode:
1. 15 people is NOT a viable population group. They were all going to die; some of them were just going to last a little longer than others.
2. The ABSOLUTE GENDER FAIL of the Senator’s daughter. Please, girl, you do NOT need a man to validate your existence, at ANY time.

Okay, so *disregarding* the fact that the “choose 15 people” lottery is the most ridiculous (okay, *one* of the most ridiculous) ideas Stargate has ever come up with, when the woman put her hand on the stack of papers, and said “Please don’t”? I think that’s the most genuine moment of emotion the series has seen yet.

Winner of the Episode: Colonel Young (emotional depth meter: imbues silence with feeling and impression of thinky thoughts)
Loser of the Episode: Lieutenant Scott (emotional depth meter: even when he’s talking about his dead mentors, appears shallow and dull)

Still My Favorite Character: Destiny (“Mmm nom nom nom… Just flying around here, nomming on some star! If everyone could stop *doubting* me, that would be awesome!”)

Plot: Seen “Red Planet”? Yeah, pretty much like that.

PROBLEM: You know how at the end of “Red Planet,” where everything’s just kind of a disappointing letdown, leaving you with the feeling that you never, ever, want to see anything like that again? Yeah, it’s pretty much like that.

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