As soon as the episode began, I thought to myself, “Hey, what are most of them *doing* all the time? sleeping? having sex? playing games?”

Lo and behold, the first minutes revealed the answer: talk uncomfortably amongst themselves, with sporadic awkward laughter.

Slash-able Moment:
If you squinted, you could say Eli and Scott (okay, his first name is Matthew) were flirt!snarking at each other about the whole shower issue in the morning meeting. (Sort of a “that gruel is to food as Eli and Scott’s comments are to flirting” analogy.)

Funny Quote:
“I’d like to speak with Dr. Rush immediately.”
“Oh, well, he’s had a nervous breakdown.”

Weird Quote:
“We’re stuck with Rush for now.” (*for now*? what are they planning on doing with him?)

Quote that sums up how much effort the writers are putting into SGU:
“Okay folks, let’s have a better day than yesterday.” (Way to aim high, guys.)

Favorite Character:
The ship! Despite her ridiculous name, she is trying v.hard to save them! Since Rush has been locked out of the main systems the whole time, I feel like there must be some sort of intelligence/AI in the ship changing its main objective from “exploration” to “survival of passengers.” That’s pretty cool.

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