SGU Friday!Fail!

So after I said I didn’t care about seeing any more episodes of Stargate Universe, I found myself kinda curious about what was going to happen tonight. Here’s the scoop, in case you managed to resist the lure of old-school desert-style Stargate action.

Lessons To Be Learned From Tonight’s Episode:
1. Don’t every piss off O’Neil. Colonel Young is all, “I’m worried we’re all going to die,” and O’Neill is just, “Gee, that sucks. Bummer for you.”

Questions to be Pondered:
1. Unprepared, or the *most* unprepared?
2. If they can contact Earth, for apparently *long* periods of time, why isn’t Earth trying to help them in any way? Let’s see some Apollo 13 action going on here, SGC!
3. Why in heavens name are they dialing the gate every 20 minutes? Hey, let’s waste a whole hell of a lot of power!
4. Why don’t they try to conserve air on the ship? You know, seal off a bunch of sections — it’s not like they’re actually using all that space, right?

Other Random Thoughts:
1. Those are the tiniest water bottles I’ve ever seen. Rivaling even the Turbo Power Packs for useless gear.
2. Oh well done, crew. Episode 2, and we’ve already progressed to outright mutiny and shooting each other.
3. Aw, Scott made a new friend! (Although I’ll admit my first thought was, “Um, Scott, you do know the human body is 70% water, right?”)

1. “Or the whole world is going to know what’s really been going on these past years.” (Wait, what? *What’s* been really going on?)
2. “I don’t even know how to fire this thing!”

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