SGU Quotes

Eli: “Seriously, who uses a whiteboard anymore? You have computers, like, *everywhere* around here!” (and then later, when Rush starts erasing) “What are you doing? Save! Save!”

Scott: “As far as we know, this bucket is really freaking old.” (Love that he leaves room to change his story later. “Oops! We *thought* it was really old; turns out the Ancients just suck at building things!”)

Eli: “Red is usually bad, right?”

military guy (maybe the criminal?): “If it’s not ours, don’t touch it!” (Now, where would Atlantis have been if they’d followed that rule?)

snarky unnamed inventory-takers: “I’ve got a case of blank paper.”
“Then maybe we should start a suggestion box.”

Scott: “It’s not a gumball machine, Eli.” (Ooh, get your slash goggles ready! Eli and Lt. Scott win the prize for cutest potential slash couple of the pilot, unless you count the two women who shouted down Dr. Rush in the gate room.)

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