Stargate: Universe — let the mocking begin!

The opening: It’s a garbage scow! It’s a tractor pull! No, it’s a giant starship! With a… gate! Activating! Way to build the excitement, because we’ve never, ever seen giant spaceships or gates activating on Stargate before!!!

Kidnapping, blackmail, and threats — the SGC’s got to be pretty desperate, you know, since they’re fighting that big dangerous enemy… Wait, they’re *not*! WTF, SGC? All that to solve a *mystery*?

Daniel’s video tour! ::love:: Nice jacket, Danny.

Dr. Rush kinda reminds me of a scruffy Baltar, probably because of the hair. And the evilness. I love that Eli’s shirt says “You Are Here.” Very meta. Also, I *did* recognize Telford from somewhere! He played the FTD agent in Psych 3.03, “Psy vs. Psy.”

Camera phone FTW!

Okay, raise your hand if you have a drawer in your bedside table that has *nothing* in it except a photograph. No? *NO!* Because that’s ridiculous — those drawers are useful, for holding things! Clearly this is a sign of scruffy Baltar’s sudden (but inevitable) betrayal.

Colonel Young shows amazing recuperative abilities (maybe he used to be a Power Ranger?). Everything between the heroic sacrifice and the ending shot was completely boring and failed to advance the plot in any meaningful way.

Overall, it’s kind of like a mash-up of Star Trek Voyager, Sliders, and Lost in Space. Danger, Will Robinson!

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