SGA 4×18 “The Kindred”

Just a note: According to TV Guide, Teyla’s mystery lover and baby-daddy’s name is spelled “Kanaan.”

Memorable Moments (part 1) from 4×18
1. Witty Exchange Moment:
(Ronon) “Maybe we just came to kill you.”
(Todd) “Did you?”
(John) “Unfortunately, no.”
(Todd) “Well, there’s always next time.

2. Creepy John/Todd Moment:
(John) “That’s not gonna happen.”
(Todd) “You always say that. But you always come around.”

3. Progress for Women’s Rights Moment: When Teyla tells people about her visions. Rodney, John, and Sam are all willing to let her do her thing, despite not really believing her. Plus, no one suggests she take drugs.

4. Why You Don’t Want Lorne as Your Bodyguard Moment: Incoming Dart! Leap away from the pregnant woman!

5. Weirdest Atlantis Re-Supply Request Moment: I can see it now — whoever fills out the requisition requests for non-military stuff, requesting rolls of wrapping paper, decorative boxes, and pretty ribbon. “Because we need to wrap our gifts for each other, of course!”

6. “Why You Don’t Want to Be on Lorne’s Team When It’s Paired Up With Sheppard’s Team” Moment: Apparently, because you become completely ineffective at taking out a single alien guard who’s only armed with a Wraith stunner, even though there’s four of you.

7. Caldwell as the Next O’Neill Moment: It’s a toss-up. I’m drawn to this:
(Caldwell) “Sheppard, we’ve been engaged by a Wraith cruiser.”
(Sheppard, conversationally) “How’s it going?”
(Caldwell, also conversationally) “More than holding our own; just thought you might want to pick up the pace.”
But… right before the teams beam down to the planet to search, Caldwell tells them they can’t locate Teyla’s subcutaneous transmitter, and Rodney, John, *and* Ronon manage to snark about it, and Caldwell looks like he’s really, actively, trying to ignore how non-regulation Sheppard’s team actually is. That was classic Jack O’Neill, right there.


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