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Rodney waved his hand. “You know—weird. Like, he’s gone all quiet.”

“Yes,” Zelenka deadpanned. “You and the Colonel adopted refugee babies and have become lesbians, but the quietness, that is what I noticed.”

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The Clinton campaign is like a critically-acclaimed show on HBO….People keep telling me it’s brilliant and ground-breaking and I completely believe them! It probably is! It’s just that no one’s, you know, writing porn about it or making really cool vids or anything….

And then there’s the Obama campaign, which is like this year’s new show on the CW….The premise sounds kind of corny, but the lead actor is hot… There are vids and more different vids and fun fic and fic that makes you cry a little bit and the BNFs are lining up and I am downloading like a crazy person. …of course, because it’s got a big, enthusiastic fandom, it’s always going to be critically dismissed as a show with a cult following. I mean, how could anything good come out of the CW, right?

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