I’m doing two posts about this movie, just as an easy way to make up for not posting yesterday.

A less creeped-out view of “Ratatouille”:

1. It kind of reminded me of High School Musical 2. No, really, it did. Because the message of that movie was all “stick with your friends,” but it actually is important to get into college, you know? It’s not like the whole basketball team is going to go to the same school, and it seems statistically unlikely (although possible, I’ll admit) that Troy and Gabriella are destined for true love forever. So while I appreciated the message, part of me was like, “Um, maybe Troy shouldn’t blow off those basketball recruiters, you know?” In Ratatouille, I could respect that they seemed to be aiming for a message of “be yourself.” It’s just, the self in question was a rat. Who wanted to be a chef. There actually are some sticky questions about how smart it would be to just put that out there. Mightn’t a sneakier, if somewhat less truthful, solution have worked out better for all involved?

2. Anton Ego = Severus Snape. I’m not kidding. It was uncanny, and added a somewhat bizarre HP-ish tinge to the whole movie for me. It was sort of like reading an HP AU with Snape as a food critic (I haven’t read one for real yet, but I was surprised at how well it seemed to work for him).

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