I finally saw “Ratatouille,” and it was … interesting. My sister and I had this long talk about it today, and she had many very clever and insightful things to say about the negative and often disturbing themes of the movie (unfortunately common in the animated film genre).

Here was my problem with the movie: Eeewww! Gross!
I’m sorry, Remy the rat was all cute and fluffy and everything, but there were hundreds of rats running around the kitchen, making food. And it wasn’t like the humans could understand them — it just looked like tons of rats, all running and squeaking with their little rat eyes and little rat teeth and rat tails. I was trying to embrace the movie as a sort of generalized movie about acceptance and tolerance, but … rats! Making food! In the kitchen! Hundreds of them! That creeped the heck out of me. Just thinking about it, I am more creeped out than ever.

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