March Fic: Complete!*

(*Or at least a reasonable facsimile of said state.)

Title: winning a war you can’t fight
Author: marcicat
Rating: PG-13 (fighting, outlawery, kissing)
Wordcount: 10,200

Summary: If I’d been in charge of the 2006 BBC series, it would have turned out a lot more like this. Alternate title — Robin and Guy’s Greatest Hits.

“A problem,” Guy repeated. “Such as all your villagers despising me more than ever, Marian blatantly speaking out in your defense, and you interrupting my bath?”

NOTE: The thing about trying to finish a story every month is that when the month ends, you’re supposed to be finished. Since it’s March 30, I guess I’m done? At the very least, I feel confident that one more day will not help this fic.

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