Thoughts on Not Writing

So, I am clearly *not writing* right now. In light of that, here’s a list of things to do when not writing that are only occasionally motivating but are at least always good for passing a few hours of non-work:

1. Read other people’s writing that is good, to remind yourself of that which you aspire to be.
2. Read other people’s writing that’s not so good — misery loves company.
3. Read other people’s writing that you like, even though it is (objectively speaking) not exactly masterpiece-like, because hey — maybe yours could be like that too!
4. Read your own writing that you once that was as bad as the story you’re currently working on, but now think is kind of cute.
5. Read your own writing that you still think is as bad as ever, and reassure yourself that at least the one you’re working on now isn’t *that* bad.
6. Make plans for your next story, which will surely come out better than the mess you’ve gotten yourself into with the current one.
7. Add filler words/scenes to your current story — if you can’t have quality, you can at least add quantity!
8. Blog about the writing process.
9. Make a playlist of songs that you associate with your story/characters/writerly awesomeness, then put it on repeat.
9.5. Flout tradition — you don’t need 10 things for a complete list! Or for your characters to stay in character! Or for the laws of physics to continue applying!

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