Star Trek , Life Lessons

Every once in a while, I’m startled to realize that a habit or belief I’ve come to take for granted actually has its roots in a scifi tv show I took perhaps a little too literally as a kid. (Read: We watched a lot of Star Trek, but I didn’t really get it.)

Example: In the TOS episode Wink of an Eye, “time-accelerated” aliens (invisible, of course) sprinkle something in Kirk’s coffee (coffee break on the bridge! ::hearts:: TOS) which makes him disappear/accelerate. To this day, I don’t like having an uncovered drink (water, coffee, juice, tea, you name it) that’s out of my sight. (Who knows what the aliens might be sprinkling in it!)

Of course, this is actually completely helpful, as everyone knows it is just good sense not to leave your drink unattended. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for *all* the lessons I internalized from Star Trek. A list, ranked by helpfulness.

1. If someone suddenly has a beard or mustache, and/or is wearing a vest, it’s likely they’re from another dimension or timeline, and may very well be evil. (Constant Vigilance!)
2. Upon finding yourself in the past, the best way to blend in is to steal garments off a clothesline. (Hasn’t come in handy. Yet)
3. Plasma fires are green. (Fairly sure this is factually untrue; also, so far not helpful *at all.* Thanks a lot, TNG!)

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