Movie Review: High School Musical 3

1. First of all, remember that HSM3 is a musical, about kids in high school, who are making a musical about *themselves* in high school. That level of meta could potentially make a movie very think-y. In HSM3, a more appropriate word might be “trippy.”

1a. At any given point in the movie, you may find yourself wondering, “Is this A) a dream? B) a scene in their musical? C) just one of the scenes one should expect when watching a musical? or D) *actually happening*?

2. Someone, at some point, let the writers know that *everyone* who watched HSM2 assumed it was supposed to be Chad and Ryan’s love story. And apparently that’s not what the writers intended (!), because they don’t even so much as hug in HSM3. (Unless you watch the actor goodbyes bonus feature!)

3. Good news: Troy is much less of a jerk in this one. He and Gabriella are actually sort of adorably cute together, which is a first. Bad news: Chad acts more jerk-ish to make up for Troy. Also, Troy’s fashion sense is extremely bizarre. (Although this is good for lolz — loved the bandana headband, Troy!)

4. Ryan and Kelsey are clearly revealed to be the most awesome, ever. They meet before school to drink tea and play piano! They set up the whole musical to get each other into Julliard! Say it with me now: “Awww….”

5. In magical Disney-movie-land, Gabriella is a superwoman who singlehandedly changes the school culture to be accepting and full of singing and dancing. (Wow!) For a decidedly non-G-rated fanfic where Chad has a similarly transformative effect (but with very different results) on East High’s senior year, check out alethia’s, Notches on a Bedpost.

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