I wasn’t going to write about work again…

I was completely done with work posts for the week. Completely. Didn’t want to write any more about work, be it job1 or job2. But then I was *at* job2, and things were… quiet. Quieter than Monday, even. And I started noticing something.

See, from my desk, I’m right across the hall from the women’s bathroom. Which makes it truly lolarious when I see people walk past my door, then walk past going the other way, then stick their head in and say, “Where’s the bathroom?”

Anyway, I can see the bathroom door, and tell when the light is on or off. And it varies, usually, in the course of a regular day — I always figured it was because some people automatically flip the switch off when they leave, and some people don’t. Except apparently that’s not it, because the light has been *turning itself on and off* all by itself all day long. It’s kind of creepy, actually.

Good News: I had something to marvel at all day long.
Bad News: I’ve now completely freaked myself out and may never be able to enter that bathroom again.

“We’ve suddenly fallen into some kind of slasher-movie-scenario, and we’re making all the classic mistakes!”
-Shawn Spencer (Psych)

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