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For reasons unbeknownst even to myself, I am always interested in whether people are left-handed or right-handed. (I’ve always been a rightie, though I did develop relatively legible leftie handwriting during a very boring college class.)

So: Hawkeye. (Because really, if I’m going to be totally avoiding writing my Avengers fic, I should at least be doing *something* Avengers-related.)

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Hawkeye: right handed
(I *think* you would draw the bow with your dominant hand. That’s what I did in high school archery, at least, though I was terrible at it, so maybe I was doing it backwards.)

Avengers 2012 Hawkeye: left handed

Possible Reasons For The Swap:

1. Jeremy Renner is left handed.

2. For some kind of filming or costuming-related reason, Renner had to hold the bow in his right hand.

3. All the arrow-shooting parts were CGI-d in, so it made more sense to hold the actual prop in his dominant hand.

4. He can shoot with either hand, and they’re just setting us up for a Princess Bride reference in the sequel.

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