Movie Review: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Best Moments:
1. Benji yelling at Ethan on his screen, even though Ethan can’t hear him. (“Go to the extraction point!”)

2. Ethan dumping the team in a fit of pique, and the three of them sitting around drinking and talking. (Just saying, that is not what I think of as the hallmark of a devoted team.)

3. “You actually said that. Out loud. ‘Mission accomplished.'” (Even Ethan’s IMF buddies think he is beyond belief.)

Obviously Brandt Was The Reason I Was Watching:
1. “They asked him to resign, well — because he’s crazy.”
(I loved that he was a) drinking a cup of tea in this scene, and b) basically says ‘you suck at drawing and are overdramatic about everything; srsly I’m good enough to ID our MAJOR ENEMIES by description alone.’)

2. “If you’re implying I made a bad call–“
(No, don’t worry Brandt, this is a Mission Impossible movie — EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ETHAN. He basically doesn’t even notice you until you save him from horrible death out a window later on.)

3. “Well, we all have our secrets.”
(How did everyone manage to have SO MANY changes of clothing with them? Now THAT is a secret!)

4. “It’s a 25-foot drop. And we’re using magnets.”
-Brandt, Benji

5. “Personally, I’d be more worried about the heat.”
“And then there’s that. What heat?”
-Benji, Brandt

6. After the server room, Brandt takes the time to put his jacket back on. Always good to look your best on a mission!

7. “You faked your wife’s death.” (Translation: ‘I tanked my career, and you didn’t even have the courtesy to TELL me she was still alive? I went to THERAPY for you!’) But he takes the phone anyway, possibly to provide some sort of buffer between Ethan’s complete insanity and the rest of the world. (Now I want a crossover where William Brandt and Matt Farrell meet up for lunch to be like, ‘You would not *believe* the shit this guy pulls!’)

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