buttons: an invention to be proud of

This morning I was getting ready for work, and I had just put on my “this shirt makes me look like I’m dressed professionally and not just wearing a tank top and khakis to work” shirt, and you know how you forget what you don’t like about clothes as soon as you take them off? (I do, at least.) And then each time I put them on, it’s all ‘oh *yeah,* this is the one with the [whatever].’

So *this* shirt is the one where the cuffs are all weird, and they won’t stay up, or folded, or anything. And today I was feeling empowered, so I decided TODAY’S THE DAY — I would use safety pins to hold those cuffs where I wanted them, or else! (Safety pins are the extent of my clothes-adjusting skills.)

I was feeling pretty great about this, and even found two matching safety pins! (One for each sleeve, of course.) And then when I went to put them in I thought, ‘Yes! There is even a convenient button-hole here for me to stick the safety pin through! Wait…’

Yup. The cuffs have buttons. Perhaps not surprisingly, once the buttons are buttoned, the cuffs stay right where they’re supposed to. So the whole ‘safety pin empowerment’ thing turned into more of a ‘facepalm’ thing, but on the plus side, I’ve fixed the shirt!

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