Yes, I *did* watch a lot of tv last Friday

Sanctuary: the submarine episode

Okay, I admit it — I watched Sanctuary again. I wanted to celebrate my freedom to watch tv again, now that nano is over for another year. And it was on right after Stargate!

Questions from the submarine episode:

1. What kind of budget were they working with? $100? That was the weakest set ever — all the dials looked like they were just painted cardboard or something! I would have been fine with it if the storyline had carried things, but, well, it totally didn’t.

2. Why didn’t Will get hypothermia? He swam in the icy cold water, and then didn’t even change his shirt! Sam/Helen had a blanket, and a hot drink, and Will was all, “No, I’m fine in just this t-shirt. No worries.”

3. Why did all those mer-peoeple have to die? I would have been convinced of peril with just one death, or possibly just a loud argument. The massive scale of death was completely unnecessary, and raised some serious questions about how the parasite things haven’t died out yet.

4. Why does Will call her “Magnus”? She does have a first name, which I believe is Helen (Sam would also be acceptable, in my opinion). She uses *his* first name most of the time; and he uses everyone else’s first names (okay, there’s only two other characters, really, but he uses both of their first names).

In conclusion, I miss Flash Gordon.

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