One more SciFi Friday post from 10/24

Sanctuary (icy plane death episode)

Wow, what a dull, depressing episode. If ‘Lost’ took place in snowy mountains, and you compressed every episode into a single 45 minute run, you’d probably get something very like this episode of Sanctuary. Let’s see… plane crash, shouting, inexplicable monsters, mind games, death, cryptic dialogue… yep, it’s all in there!

Re: the final scene
Oh, the fic that’s gonna come from that. Helen/Will blindfold!comfort!sex (I apologize, really. My brain didn’t want to go there either, but — the dialogue! It was right there! I almost felt like I was seeing a (really, really bad) fic being acted out right on my tv screen!)

This episode really just served to remind us all of the immutable laws of tv danger:
1. Stick together.
2. Never, *ever* talk about your girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend/beloved pet/etc you left back home.
3. Never assume things can’t get much, much worse.
4. Be nice to everyone.
5. Stay close to the one who can’t die. (An extra-good idea if they don’t sleep.)

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