By the numbers

Number of times my car’s been to the garage b/c the Check Engine light came on: 3

Number of times the light went off on its own before the day of my appointment: 2

Percentage increase in the third bill compared to the first: 200+%
(ooh, percentages! it’s like grown-up math!)

Number of times the Check Engine light has actually indicated a pressing problem that in any way impacted the running of my car: 0

Number of times *any* warning light came on before my muffler *fell off the car*: 0 (this marked the fourth trip to the garage since April — it’s one of the only phone numbers I know off the top of my head, not counting my own or current places of employment)
[ETA: Actually, I think it’s the *only* other number I know off the top of my head.]

On my most recent bill, there’s an abbreviation next to several items. It says “(Pt)” . I figure this means either: 1) Pint. 2) Part. Or 3) Pity, as in “I pity you, for you know nothing about cars.”

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  1. wild_force71 Says:

    Marci! Marci! I have a totally unrelated thing to say! 😀 Since I don’t drive yet, so I can’t really comment on the car…

    In January, NBC is going to be showing Merlin. It’s a BBC production, so I’ve been watching it over here, and you *have* to watch it. You *have* To. It’s all…with the pretty…and the boys…and the prettyfullness…

    And I think you’d like it. 😀

  2. Administrator Says:

    ::makes note to self:: January…NBC…pretty… Got it — Thanks! I’ll look forward to seeing it!

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