Sci-Fi Friday: “Mentally unstable like a fox.”

The Summary:
Radek (direct-ish quote): “We lost the gate. We lost the control room. This is bad.”
Team!power activate! Spring into action, valiant heroes! (Or, you know, whatever.)
John (shirtless): “Teyla! Rodney’s not here! We’re all going to have to be smart on our own!” (offers bribes to find smart people)
Teyla (leads like a leader): “I will lead like a leader, which I am.”
Ronon (uses mad skillz to do stuff, blatantly trying to impress Jennifer): “Good thing the team had all those meetings in McKay’s secret lab, where I learned how to take control of the Daedalus. PS – No OT5 until Jennifer admits I’m awesome.”

Daniel: “It’s weird; I have so much more trouble talking/negotiating/acting normal ever since I ascended and descended a bunch of times.”
Rodney: “… And you call *me* mentally unstable.”
Travellers: “shout-out to Serenity!”

Todd/Asgard/everyone: *fighting*

Radek (special return engagement to wrap everything up and tie a pretty bow): “Everything’s back to normal: Atlantis has a gate, women are fickle, and we’re facing dire peril from pretty much everyone we’ve ever met. PS – If *I* say Ronon’s awesome, OT5?”

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