Procrastination Ahoy!

I’ve been trying to work on writing recently, which really just means I’ve been reading the same amount as usual and feeling more guilty about it.

Here is a Deep, Serious Story with Fascinating Philisophical Concepts:

The Difference Engine, by copperbadge (aka sam_storyteller)
John Sheppard is a robot! No, really, he is.

And Here is a Light, Silly Story with Humorous Dialogue:

Never Have I Ever, by st aurafina (Doctor Who/Torchwood/Iron Man)

“How did you two meet, again?” Pepper took a slug from her glass, and winced.

Donna pulled the bowl of mints closer and popped one in her mouth. “My boss is his boss’s Doctor.”

“I don’t know,” Pepper peered into the bottom of her glass. “That seems kind of unethical.”

Ianto guided his empty glass back to the table with precarious focus. “You have no idea.”

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