it’s Thursday, I’m in love

I really wanted to end the month on a more positive post, and then it seemed silly not to go all out and include some randomly misquoted song lyrics too!

Things I Love Today

1. All the usual stuff I’d feel horribly guilty about forgetting in my acceptance speech — my family, my home, my family, my expectation that I’ll wake up tomorrow and those things will still be with me, all that good stuff.

2. Doctor Who — just last night I saw the first two eps of Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor and I wanted to quote *everything.* (It’s amazing how he can mimic David Tennant’s voice patterns, yes? I thought it was amazing.)

3. Brownies with frosting. Whoever thought of that — brilliant. Gold star for awesomeness.

4. March is almost over *and* it’s the start of my weekend!

5. Extra awesome from Doctor Who — Amelia prayed to Santa! (And it worked!) Also, the extra scene at the end with her in the TARDIS was Just So Funny.

“Is it a cry for help?”
“The bow tie!”

-Amy, Doctor

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