Fic Rec ‘O the Day

(My pre-Yuletide fic rec. I’m attempting to get this, along with a couple other projects, all tidied up before true Yuletide madness hits.)

Scions, by winterlive
An AU version of DCU comics — Tim is Robin, Kon is Lex’s son and heir. They’re both rising business stars who tangle over a biotech acquisition (which happens to be Cadmus Labs). Clubbing leads to dating leads to meeting the parents.

The crux of the argument seems to be how best to interfere. If Tim proves a self-righteous hypocrite, or a detriment to LuthorCorp’s profit margin or public image, Luthor seems to think it fair that he be allowed to use lethal force. And if Conner winds up compromising Robin’s identity or having secret clone programming which causes him to turn evil, Batman wants to lock him in a room in the Batcave and throw away the key. Clark seems bent on reducing these consequences to something a little more humane, but he isn’t making much headway. He’s probably counting it a win that Bruce and Luthor aren’t already wrestling for a gun, and he’s probably right to do so.

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