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I call it “management” (in quotes)

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Against all odds, I am apparently a manager at my workplace. Here, recorded for posterity and possibly as a warning for future generations, is my leadership style, encapsulated into one simple sentence: THE ONLY THING I LIKE LESS THAN BEING IN CHARGE IS WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS IN CHARGE.

magnets are magical, but not that magical

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

At work, we have nametags. They’re magnets, naturally, because nobody was pleased about the idea of poking holes in all their nice work clothes to accomodate a pin-back nametag. And yes, magnets are magical. But not quite as magical as our new summer!intern thinks they are. (Not the same as our confusing!intern, who I now […]

work-cation, day 2

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Okay, technically day 2 of the work-cation was yesterday, which would make today officially post-work-cation day 1. Or something. The Good News: No one got injured, fired, or drunk enough to say anything truly regrettable. (Woohoo!) The Bad News: The work-cation is a decent way to force staff bonding, but it creates a pretty significant […]

work-cation, day 1

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

1. Souvenir of the day: a 2012 lobster boat racing calendar, along with the quote “With some duct tape and a few beers, it’s amazing what can seem like a good idea.” (Truer words…) 2. My roommate and I have officially named this the year of crazy cat people. Because honestly, we work together, and […]

Portland, here I come!

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means I’m goin’ staff-tripping with my coworkers. (It’s a work thing; IDEK.) This year: Portland, Maine, which I am choosing to think of as the same Portland mentioned in the Avengers, because that makes me happy in my fannish soul. If I see a cellist (or an archer, let’s be […]

Hulk recs!

Friday, May 25th, 2012

*Andrea and I rewatched The Incredible Hulk (2008 version) on Wednesday, and that was fun. I still love Hulk’s expressions when he’s fighting the Abomination — he’s all ‘really? more fighting? WHY?’ Basically, the movie was still the same as ever. I ::heart:: the jogging bonus scene, because apparently I like the idea of the […]

awkward moment of the day

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

It was nice-ish weather today, nice enough so I drove to work with the windows down. The radio was on, I was singing along, it was good times. “Ol’ Red” is a great singalong car song, right? Until I realized that the car that had pulled up next to me at the stop light was […]

I am familiar with this feeling.

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

fashion designers, take note

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Today I wore a pair of pants that had THREE buttons and ZERO working pockets. Not cool. I need pockets! To put stuff in! Imagine if someone had told Captain America that his pockets were fake. Here’s a picture of Cap — and his pockets — srsly, would you want to make this team angry? […]

work for the lols

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Sometimes, at work, companies will send us free samples of stuff. Usually this is a pretty awesome perk. However, sometimes companies’ ideas of “awesome free samples” differ (a lot) from mine. Case in point: Today’s “freebie” was an empty white plastic bottle, about an inch tall, sort of like the world’s tiniest (empty, mind you) […]