Ships in Service #1


Ships in Service #1: Ship's Code
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction. Living spaceships, telepathic communication, alien ports, adventure, space opera.


Deyn saves Casian after a crash that destroys her family, and for a long time, the only thing that can distract Casian from those memories is the sound of Deyn’s voice. But Deyn is a starship, from a race of organic ships that call themselves angels, and her voice isn't for everyone.

Deyn’s crew welcomes Casian, and the captain gives her substantial leeway in light of the ship's favoritism. The ships-in-service program that manages Deyn and her kind isn't so sanguine, but Deyn gets what she wants. It's up to Casian to turn the second chance into a real life, free of the ghosts of her past, while trying not to upset the delicate balance between humans and angels.

eBook available from the following bookstore: ~ .mobi format, $3.99
Publisher: Pink Aura Press, 2015

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