Children of Power #1

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Children of Power #1: Smith Valley
by StarAndrea

General Audience.


Science fiction/young adult. Deafness, gay & lesbian, coming of age, introspective. Alien politics, adventure, space age, futuristic.


The first in the "Children of Power" series, this book introduces Smith Valley: a private school for privileged interstellar youth. Jenni is a deaf student from a frontier planet, while her roommate Michiko is from Earth. Along with alien Roris, runaway Hope, and reluctant attendee Kechana, they will spend a year away from the lives to which they're accustomed. Their first challenge is not to find common ground, but to find a common language.


At Smith Valley, a private school for privileged interstellar youth, everyone is as anonymous as they want to be. No matter their history, political affiliation, or familial connections, all incoming students are guaranteed an education of their choosing and an alias if they decide to use one. For some, the year at Smith Valley is the only one they'll ever know as just another face in the crowd.

Jenni is a frontier ambassador's daughter, come to Smith Valley to prove she can make it as a deaf student who refuses to use verbal translators. Her roommate Michiko is from Earth and finds herself at a disadvantage when it comes to "common knowledge" in a world of space travel and alien culture. Michiko's friend Roris signs, and the three of them bond through communication and circumstance.

Also attending Smith Valley is Kechana, adopted citizen of Roris' homeworld and a reluctant student who has been suspended from her work as a dolphin liaison for getting too personal. She shares a room with Hope, famous daughter of the frontier and a runaway at the time of enrollment. Hope's brother Kae breaks rules and several levels of security to get onto the student roster with her: he expected keeping an eye on her to be boring, but the campus AI catches him almost immediately and boredom is no longer an option.

The one thing all the students have in common, though, is that they've come to learn. And the teachers aren't above staging a mock-battle on the first day to make it happen.


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