fic rec Friday

August 3rd, 2018

Somehow, I only just this week got around to reading Floriography, by Endrina (an epilogue for the ‘Secret Language of Plants’ series). Pretty sure I was smiling and happy sighing all the way through.

Harry returned home at the age when most people start thinking about leaving.

but *is* there a ghost?

August 2nd, 2018

Sometimes I have doubts. I think ‘can I really do this?’ I wonder if the things I put into the world have any value.

And then I go listen to ‘Is There A Ghost’ by Band of Horses, and I remind myself:

*this song has only three lines
*I like this song
*I paid actual money to legally download this song
*I sing along to this song in the car
*this song is so fun

love that song about Ohio!

August 1st, 2018

I think I’ve written before about my willingness to accept lyrics as I hear them, regardless of whether they make any sense at all. (See: “she’s gonna have kittens,” and “it’s worth all the ex-laws,” which I *still* think is a better line than “all that’s lost.”)

Anyway, I’ve gotten tripped up by this twice recently. The first one I blame on rhyming, and also on the fact that the pace of ‘Such a Simple Thing’ (Ray LaMontagne) is very slow, so my brain has a lot of time to autocomplete the lyrics before they actually happen.

The actual song apparently goes like this:
Tell me what your heart wants
Such a simple thing
My heart is like paper
Yours is like a flame

But my brain goes to this, because rhymes are cool, and apparently I think this song is about arts and crafts:
(mumble mumble mumble) thing
My heart is like paper
Yours is like a string

And THEN! I was listening to the radio this morning, and the DJ said they were going to play the new Passenger song, and I was like, “Oh, cool, this is that song about Ohio, right?” (It totally made me cry last week, except it turns out my brain was once again making stuff up, because the song is called “Hell or High Water,” and is not, in fact, about Ohio.)

The internet tells me the lyrics go like this:
Was it the trick of the light?
Or a shot in the dark?
Was it hell or high water that broke our hearts?

And if you’ve ever heard a Passenger song, it will probably not come as a surprise that my brain hears them like this:
(mumble mumble mumble)
(lyrical mumble)
We had Ohio, and it broke our hearts

Why do I think Ohio is so sad? I don’t know! My version doesn’t even make sense! (To be fair, I’m not sure theirs does either.)

worth it

July 31st, 2018

There are times when I miss the noon-to-8:30 shift. (Frequently when I’m trying to schedule any kind of appointment; never when I’m reminded of the pervasive workplace bias against non-standard shifts.) It’s not the work I miss, but the timing was occasionally convenient, and the company was often excellent. (I am okay at figuring out how to be friends with one person. Groups are much harder.)

But then there’s days when I wake up, and the cat encourages me to go out on the balcony, and the sun is just coming up, and there are some cool clouds and plane trails, and I just think, ‘yeah, that’s the good stuff.’

we meet again

July 30th, 2018

Things I am looking forward to today:

*free coffee

*access to a photocopier

*walks with friends

Since all of those things are most easily obtained by going to work, it must be time to change out of my pajamas and make that happen.

Sunday baking

July 29th, 2018

I have officially baked something today! I mean, a box mix was involved, because come on, this was one of my ‘thrice a year I shall bake, so that I feel accomplished and remember why I don’t do this more often’ days. I’m not gonna go buy flour and stuff just for that.

Today’s baking was pumpkin cornbread muffins. (very easy recipe) They came out fine. From a technical standpoint I think they came out great — evenly baked, visually appealing. They taste okay. Like pumpkin cornbread, which somehow I thought would be two tastes I like, combining to make some thing even more awesome. Instead it’s more like two great tastes that may not actually taste great together; my brain is still deciding.

caturday ramblings

July 28th, 2018

*I am officially declaring July to be fiscally complete as of today. Partly because the middle of next week would be an inconvenient time to have to do all the monthly budget reconciling, compared to today, which would be very convenient. And partly because it’s been an expensive month, and I’m making the executive decision to make the next three days an August problem.

*Yesterday at the grocery store I got double charged for my cream cheese, but I didn’t get charged for one of my meal bars. That seems like a fair swap.

*Every time something weird happens with my laptop, I think, ‘This is it! It’s going to stop working!’ Earlier this week I couldn’t get the dock to disappear, and I was thinking gloomy thoughts, and then I remembered that the same thing had happened once before, and it was just a cat-on-keyboard issue. As soon as I fixed the dock preferences, it was fine again.

*July was really hot. Really, really hot. And humid. August will be nicer, right?

fic rec Friday

July 27th, 2018

Deception At Its Finest, by STARSdidathing

I’m always a sucker for ‘the villain’s not really that villainous’ fics, and this one includes Loki turning into a cat, which is an added bonus!

“What part about me screams ‘I’m a pet person’?”

memes in real life

July 26th, 2018

#1 easiest to use meme in real life: “Bold of you to assume…”

It’s versatile! It’s subtle(ish)! It’s recognizable, yet doesn’t raise eyebrows for those who’ve never seen it. Sadly this one seems to be a bit of a flash in the pan, at least in the tumblr-sphere. I made sure to use it at least once, with my departing work neighbor. (Humor is a bit hit or miss for me usually, especially at work. But he offered me his stapler, which I assume was a joke since we’d talked before about his love of the movie ‘Office Space,’ so a return joke seemed like a safe bet. And if not, hey, he was leaving anyway!)

#2 easiest to use meme in real life: “Oh, haven’t you heard?”

This one loses some points because while it is easy, you can really only do the punchline. The lead-up is whatever conversation was happening already, so if whoever you’re talking with doesn’t know the reference, you wind up having to explain it, which is just not fun.

[Note: Not sure if I’ve already shared this, but at one point my current boss actually said to me, ‘Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell when you’re being serious.’ And I’m sure I said something as tactful and bland as possible. But the real answer is this: I’m always serious. That’s why it’s funny. Because life is ridiculous, and 95% of the work we do has no meaning at all except what we give it, so why not laugh about it?]

workaday Wednesday

July 25th, 2018

I was lingering in the kitchen at work yesterday, as one does, waiting for the microwave. So I let my eyes wander over all the stuff that’s posted on the wall — list of birthdays this month, mandatory OSHA posters, that sort of thing. And I found my attention caught by the first aid poster.

Under ‘heart attack’ was this Very Clear Instruction: “Do not give liquids to unconscious person.”

Ooo-kaaay. I have So Many Questions.

1. Liquids are not mentioned anywhere else on the poster. Why bring them up specifically just to say don’t give them?

2. Who sees an unconscious person and thinks ‘better get some liquids in them right away!’ I mean, maybe if they were awake?

3. HOW? Does the first aid kit have a portable IV?

(I will admit, the first image that came to mind was how funny it would be if the characters from ‘The Office’ acted out the safety rules.)

Anyway: stay safe out there, and don’t give liquids to unconscious people!