it’s Friday!

February 8th, 2019

Things I’m looking forward to today:

  1. Fridays have a general Friday-ness to them that’s nice.
  2. The rain should stop before it’s time for my lunch walk.
  3. My new toaster oven arrived, so I can heat up some banana pancakes, nom nom nom.
  4. I put off a couple “victory tasks” (work stuff that actually accomplishes something) till today so I could end the week with them.
  5. It’s warm enough that I won’t need to scrape ice off the car this morning.
  6. WordPress keeps adding this extra item to my list, so I guess that’s another good thing to look forward to?

my favorite road sign

February 7th, 2019

There is a new road sign along my evening commute, and it’s great. So great that when I couldn’t find a picture of it online, I downloaded a blank road sign picture and recreated it myself so I could share it with the world.

Look at this gem! What in the world does that even mean? I always guess it means something like: ‘you’re on a road; it’s pretty straight; in 20 units of unidentified measurement there will be another road on the right; nothing is to scale and no other units have been indicated, but at some point, probably shortly thereafter, there will also be a road on the left.’

The best part is that the placement of this sign is such that by the time you can see the sign, you can also clearly see the patch of road it appears to describe. (It has failed to represent the massive parking lot entrance/exit also on the left, along with the mystery turn lane in the middle of the road.)

And yet, every time I see it, I immediately think, ‘My favorite road sign!’ It’s trying, you know? I appreciate that.

workaday Wednesday

February 6th, 2019

It’s Wednesday! Everybody works on Wednesday!

tracking my toaster

February 5th, 2019

Last week I found myself googling the phrase ‘toaster oven makes loud popping sound smells like burning but food is not burned’ (not the most useful search phrase, to be honest). As one might imagine, it did signal the demise of my trusty toaster.

(I was ready to do some testing, FOR SCIENCE. Just to make sure it was really a demise, and not a fluke. But then I read a worrying number of consumer complaints about the glass door exploding on my exact model of toaster, and decided to let it go.)

So now a new toaster is en route! Right now it’s passing through the shipping hub of the east coast (shoutout to Hebron!), and I’m very excited. I didn’t think about how much I used the toaster until it was out of commission.

the internet, so helpful

February 4th, 2019

Sometimes you just want a random number generator, and the internet stands ready to assist!

In this particular case, I’m using it to pick exercises, so there’s really no need for what the site calls “true randomness.” (“The randomness comes from atmospheric noise” — really? Sounds fake, but I’m no mathematician.)

what’s the emoji for that?

February 3rd, 2019

That Sunday feeling when you’re up early to feed the cat, and you’re wavering between sneaking back to sleep and getting up for real to make pancakes, and instead you spend an hour reading fanfic online.

winning at DIY

February 2nd, 2019

I had a home improvement victory this week, although the timeline of said victory certainly reflects my somewhat hit or miss relationship with maintenance projects. I have fixed the toilet seat cover!

(I actually had this on the list to figure out *last* January, and then didn’t, because it wasn’t that bad, and the replacement choices were kind of overwhelming, and I couldn’t actually figure out how to get the current cover off, so I chose the “do nothing” approach and figured I would deal with it later.)

[I knew it must be REALLY EASY because the internet couldn’t tell me how it worked. Everything was just ‘take the old cover off.’ Sometimes it’s the little things that trip me up.]

Later finally rolled around, because the cover got wobbly enough that one of the plastic tabs covering the screws popped open, and I was all, ‘LIGHTBULB MOMENT! So THAT’S how it works!’ And I grabbed a dime (works great as a stand-in for a flathead screwdriver for large plastic screws) and tightened everything up and now it’s good as new again!

February is here

February 1st, 2019

Shocking, I know. It’s annual review day at work, which so far has been A Journey.

Me, last January: ‘So, what are the goals for 2018?’

Boss: ‘We should meet and talk about that.’

Me, last March: ‘So, are we going to schedule that meeting to talk about the goals for 2018?’

Boss: ‘My boss says it’s not really that important, but if you insist.’ [We had a meeting. I laid out my ideas, boss was ambivalent. Nothing was decided.]

Me, last July (mid-year review season): ‘So, are we doing mid-year reviews?’

Boss: ‘If you want to. We’ll talk about it next week.’

Me, well aware that no goals were ever set: ‘Yes, lets.’ [Made up my own goals, reported my progress towards them. As expected, we never met about it. I reported on the same goals for my annual review, still with zero feedback from my boss, so today’s meeting — if it does, indeed, happen — should be interesting.]

AND THEN! Unexpectedly, yesterday, my boss: ‘Let’s set up a meeting to talk about 2019 goals.’

Me: ‘Okay?’

Boss: ‘We really all need to be supporting each other.’

Is this reality?  Is this happening, right now, in my real life?  Is this a joke? Am I being punked?  

Sometimes I am not convinced that my boss exists in the same universe that I do.


January 31st, 2019

It is very cold today. That’s all I’ve got.

Wait, no, one more thing — so *of course* the polar vortex has me thinking of the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ which *of course* got me thinking about Knocking Over the Table, by astolat, and that is my recommended reading for the day!

“Man, what is up with this weather?”

workaday Wednesday

January 30th, 2019

I have a coworker with a habit of disagreeing with everything, and it brings me immense joy when I can completely baffle them (speechless being typically the closest thing to consensus we ever reach) with some statement about my life.

Last week it was “I eat breakfast sitting on the floor,” which makes perfect sense in the context of my life, but was apparently inconceivable to them. (It’s great cat bonding time! I’m just eating a bar!)

This week it was when we (somehow?!) got talking about the 5 cent bottle refund in Maine. And I said I didn’t know much about it, because I don’t buy anything that comes in a refundable can or a bottle (which I think is just beverages, like soda and bottled water and stuff?).

Speechless. Finally I got a “Really?” (Really. I’m not sure what it was they imagined I was purchasing, but I am not.) Sometimes work is one of those ‘it’s going to be either laughing or crying: pick one’ experiences, and moments like this help me come down on the laughing side.