workaday Wednesday

August 9th, 2017

It’ll be hot today, but out my window I can see a tree already starting to change colors for autumn. The season is signaling transition.

(Also, my boss is on vacation all week. It’s been a rocky start for the stand-in boss, but we’ll see how things progress.)

((Also, we got the first pictures from last week’s company team-building outing, and my hat game was on point. Way to go, past self!))


August 8th, 2017

It’s a story for me! I love everything about it! starandrea is the best!

good choices (snacks in detention), by starandrea

“Oh, hey,” Billy said, like he’d forgotten they weren’t supposed to acknowledge each other too. “Jason brought snacks, but he says not to tell anyone.”

(Also, I love the idea of the team bonding with all the rest of the detention kids, because I really just want everyone to have a nice time and be okay.)

eclipse countdown!

August 7th, 2017

Two weeks to go till the total solar eclipse!

*NASA will live stream the entire thing!

*The next total solar eclipse that will be visible from the US will be in 2024!

*Thanks to starandrea, we are now proud owners of solar eclipse glasses, ready to go for the main event!

*Yes, I have already started packing. I like packing, what can I say?

do it for the vine

August 6th, 2017

(I miss ‘do it for the vine.’ It always felt more relatable to me than yolo, which I guess is an interesting commentary on the fact that I think personal gratification is a less compelling motivator than ‘people on the internet will think this is funny.’)

But anyway!

This vine compilation has made me laugh for three days in a row, so I feel like it must be shared as widely as possible:

“This video reads like this man has been placed under a curse and he is physically incapable of resisting the cup shuffle”

I first watched it with the sound off, thought it was hilarious, then turned the sound on and laughed so hard the cat came to investigate what was happening.

Thanks, internet!


August 5th, 2017

goals for today:

1. do something

2. eat something

3. drive somewhere

4. wash something

5. pat the cat

So far I’ve managed… #5? Ah well, at least I started with the most important one!

fic rec Friday

August 4th, 2017

Uh, well, see, my new schedule is going to prevent me from reading a bunch of fic this morning to find one to rec here, which is actually often what I do on Fridays.

But I do have something to say about fic in general, which is that I have seen a lot of posts floating around tumblr (again) indicating that all fic authors universally love comments on their work.

Which is ::cough:: not entirely true. I personally find comments intimidating — I’m always terrified to open them in case they’re awful, and then if they’re nice I feel this obligation to respond back in some clever and meaningful way.

Which isn’t to say that people shouldn’t comment if they want to! Just that there really isn’t One True Rule for engaging with people on the internet, and that includes fic authors, and it’s okay to tailor your experience to be what you need.

So yeah, that’s my thoughts on it.

have some clouds

August 3rd, 2017

I’m feeling somewhat less than inspired, but I did see some cool clouds this morning!

workaday Wednesday

August 2nd, 2017

The first time I was in a meeting with the (at the time) sales director for my current employer, he told a story.

His mother, he said, had once gone into a GNC store ten minutes before closing, and asked for something to help with her arthritis pain. She went home with some topical cream, and called her son because she was still confused about the array of options available.

It’s a story that doesn’t seem too unusual. Supplements are confusing; retail store employees aren’t trained medical professionals; arthritis is a medical condition that requires a delicate dance to talk about at all in a supplement aisle; ten minutes isn’t nearly long enough to cover every product and its potential benefits and side effects and contraindications with prescription meds, and that’s all before you take into account a million other things about how retail stores operate.

But the story ends like this. The sales director called the store the next day and got the employee fired.

It still makes me want to cry and rage, years after hearing it. I am still not sure whether he truly believed the story made him seem like a laudable human being, or if it was told merely to frighten us.

But I think of that story often.

Happy August!

August 1st, 2017

May it be an august August!

Things I am especially looking forward to this month:

1. eclipse!trip 2017

2. being able to cross “annual work event” off my calendar (plus, it’ll definitely be a sticker for the chart!)

3. not getting ready to go back to school

so much Monday

July 31st, 2017

Switching shifts at work, starting today. It feels like the least of the changes I’d *like* to make at work, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s a step in the right direction.

[art credit Claire Mohjer]