workaday Wednesday

After more than a YEAR, the powers that be are finally interviewing someone for the job that will be my direct manager. They’ll do about a half day of interviews, and I’ll be involved with the lunch meeting (minion level gets free lunch for once! amazing!).

Part of me is excited that there might finally be someone in the manager role who wants to be there. On the other hand, there’s worse things than indifference. It’s gonna be a wild ride for whoever takes the job, that’s for sure. Their “team” will consist of:

*the current team manager (come on, who among us wouldn’t love managing someone who used to be doing your exact job???)

*a person who is currently a team of one (putting the “I” in team for two years and counting!)

*a person who’s been in the company for more than ten years (level 12 expert at the “let me give you some historical context” bamboozle technique)

*me (accidentally wears the same outfit two days in a row; despite best efforts have still not mastered the indoor voice)

It’s gonna be great!

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