Yesterday I got to work, unpacked my morning snack, and thought to myself, ‘hey, wait — am I wearing exactly the same thing I wore last Friday?’

[It couldn’t have been *exactly* the same — I’m 100% sure my socks were different, and based on the stack-o-jeans rotation, I’m pretty confident it was different pants too. But no one can really see my socks, and it’s not like one pair of my jeans looks significantly different than any other.]

Then I reminded myself that:

*There was a weekend, which a curious co-worker could logically guess might include laundry.

*Probably if I can’t remember for sure, no one else can either? I’m always wary about making that guess, because some people pay a lot of attention to things I do not pay attention to (which is often helpful! and sometimes not).

*Does it matter? I mean, probably not, right?

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