just another Monday thinking about Guardian

The first time we saw Ye Zun’s pillar amid the ruins, I thought ‘gosh, it’s a little weird to have those abandoned ruins so close to the city.’ But Dixing’s relationship with infrastructure planning seems potentially as haphazard as their relationship with time, and did I WANT to see the characters spend an hour running back and forth* every time they needed to go chat with the pillar? Clearly not.** Much more expedient to have it close by.

HOWEVER. After seeing the entire series, I now realize my thought should have been, ‘gosh, it’s a little weird that those steps aren’t a hot hangout spot.’ Lounging on steps appears to be one of the top five activities in Dixing (alongside strolling with friends, drinking, fighting, waiting for your powers to show up, and inciting rebellion).

[Along with schools, perhaps Dixing could consider improving accessibility?]

[*Oh no all I can think of now is that old MacGyver episode where they’re driving something dangerous down the bumpy mountain road, and the scene just — keeps cutting back to the car, and the road, and it goes on and on and ON. It’s LONG ROAD, okay? It takes a LONG TIME!]

[**Actually, what am I saying? That would be hilarious.]

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