Ahahahaha you know when you say things in a meeting, and later you think ‘oh, I probably should not have said that’? Sometimes I wish I could put myself on a 30-second delay, like when “live” tv thinks someone’s going to swear a lot.

Yesterday’s ‘in retrospect, my feelings might have been showing’ conversation:

My boss: “This person thinks our company should handle this project, because we’ll be faster* at it.”

Me: [looking at actual data] “Our average for completing this type of project this year is 102 days.”

Boss: “Well, that’s an average.”

Me: “What’s the other company estimating?”

Boss: “We don’t have that information. This is all preliminary.”

Me: “Does the person who thinks our company should handle it know that it takes us 102 days?”

Boss: “No.”

Me: [feeling ready to flip a table and walk out the door, except I like getting paid and 90% of my work day *isn’t* dumb meetings] …

[*The word “nimble” was actually used. It’s one of the more ridiculous business buzzwords these days, and I for one am looking forward to it going away forever.]

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