I have now marathoned the last three episodes of Guardian, and BOY DO I HAVE SOME FEELINGS.

(Primarily: ‘that was great! but we’re fixing this, right???’)

(Also, because I am *definitely* one of those people that takes things too literally — Dixing isn’t actually underground, right? It’s like a pocket dimension, or something?)

Completely random thoughts:

*I really wanted An Bai’s friends to come back.

*I’m still confused about what the plan was supposed to be.

*How did Lin Jing have his phone, if it was in the grass taking a video of him getting absorbed?

*Still confused about so many things, really.

*Here’s a question, though — Is the Justiciar’s Dixing power his ability to change his clothes and hair? Because he’s the only one we see do that between Dixing and Haixing (except for Shen Wei, who could have learned it from him). And I think it would be funny that Zhao Yunlan was trying to figure out what his power was, when he SAW him do it, and just — assumed it was something everyone could do? This is what happens when the Black Cloaked Envoy is your baseline for Dixing abilities.

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